We offer the most innovative manufacturing technology and advanced support resources in the aerospace industry, with hundreds of machine configurations from which to choose, acute market knowledge and extensive applications expertise. Whether you are machining structural parts, engine components, landing gear or systems controls from titanium, heat resistant super alloys, aluminum or stainless steels, we have what you need to optimize your manufacturing operations, produce the highest quality parts and achieve increased productivity.

Innovative Technology

By working closely with aerospace customers around the world, we are able to monitor trends, identify challenges and develop a broad range of machine tool technologies that revolutionize the processing of aircraft components, including:

  • Multi-Tasking machines for highly efficient DONE IN ONE® part processing, improved part accuracy and advanced machining capability and flexibility.
  • Machines with long-boring capability, high-torque and high-speed spindles, and other unique features for the rigors of aircraft machining.
  • Advanced CNC machine controls for faster 5-axis machining and superior part surface finishes.
  • Automated pallet systems for continuous unattended machining and processing versatility.

Advanced Support

With our regional-based support network, well-established machine service infrastructure, industry partnerships and engineering expertise, Mazak can assist you in tackling the most demanding aerospace part-processing applications.

  • Our continent-wide network of Technology and Technical Centers puts machining demonstrations, application engineers and comprehensive training in close proximity to you.
  • We work with certified technology partners to provide you with optimized turnkey manufacturing systems, automation solutions and digital technology.
  • Our proficiency with all industry-leading CAM systems allows us to help you optimize your part programming no matter what system you are running.
  • Our customer support program fulfills all of your parts, service and training needs to ensure you get the maximum return on your machine investment.
  • We provide secure applications development and guarantee complete design privacy for your individual manufacturing system.



  • Fuselage
  • Wings
  • Tail Assembly
  • Bulkheads
  • Exit Doors
  • Cockpit
  • Engine Pylons

Landing Gear



  • Gallery Parts
  • Serving Trolleys
  • Seats
  • Seat Tracks
  • Support Beams
  • Rod Ends

Systems Controls

  • Covers
  • Housings
  • Gears
  • Gear Boxes
  • Shafts
  • Hydraulic Manifolds
  • Stick Shakers
  • Flap Traps
  • Control Surfaces
  • Electric Connectors

Contact your local Mazak Representative or visit one of our Technology Centers to identify what Mazak Machining Center best fits your part-processing needs.