North American Manufacturing Headquarters

Florence, Kentucky


Mazak has been successfully manufacturing some of the world’s most advanced HYBRID Multi-Tasking, Multi-Tasking, 5-axis, turning and milling machines since 1974 in its Florence, Kentucky manufacturing facility. That facility was reimagined to incorporate the company’s forward-thinking Mazak iSMART Factory™ concept.

This concept encompasses the complete digital integration of the factory with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment, automation and advanced manufacturing practices. It hinges on the free flow and sharing of data in terms of process control and operation monitoring. In the factory, the MTConnect® open communications protocol works with process support software and provides connectivity and the capability to monitor then harvest data from all the different production floor machines, cells, devices and processes.

Yamazaki Mazak headquarters in Aichi, Japan was the first facility to incorporate this factory concept. Since then, our facilities here in Florence and in Oguchi, Japan, have joined the ranks, and the company plans to designate all of its manufacturing operations as Mazak iSMART Factories in years to come.

The Kentucky Mazak plant has undergone numerous expansions, demonstrating our commitment to growth, technology and the total support of our customers across all industry segments. With state-of-the-art automation, plant-wide connectivity and a fully optimized production flow, the Mazak iSMART Factory concept ensures we can provide the highest level of service and efficiency to our customers.

Mazak believes that manufacturing in the markets we serve is the most effective way to meet the needs of our customers, and to meet our commitment to manufacturing in North America, the company supports reshoring efforts in the United States. In addition to producing machine tools that support local companies and their growing businesses, Mazak’s partnership with MTConnect®, among other manufacturing technology companies, gives it the ability to help U.S. manufacturers close the skills gap with productivity-boosting automation, data analysis and process optimization.


In today’s competitive manufacturing world where demands are continuously changing and increased quality, efficiency and productivity are critical for your success, you need a machine tool partner that can quickly deliver the best solution for your business.

As a leading provider of innovative, productive machine tools and systems, Mazak is in the unique position to maintain the production agility and responsiveness you require to be competitive and grow your business.

Our production-on-demand U.S. manufacturing facility in Florence, Kentucky, ensures that we understand the needs of our markets, and allows us to significantly shorten overall lead times, and minimize inventory levels so that we can continuously incorporate the latest technology into every machine we manufacture and bring new products to market quickly.

This Production-On-Demand approach to manufacturing results in continuously new and diverse group of innovative machines and technology that meet your current and future part-processing requirements.