VC-500 AM

Process: 5-Axis, HYBRID Multi-Tasking, Multi-Tasking, Vertical


Designed and manufactured in Florence, Kentucky, the Mazak VC-500 AM HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine combines full 5-axis capability and additive technology to revolutionize product design, reduce time to market and cut R&D costs.

Ideal for manufacturers who require optimum part finish and high accuracy, this compact, cost effective HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine builds part features to near net shape up to 10 times faster than other comparable systems quickly and easily without wasting expensive material and losing time by subtracting large amounts of metal from a solid material using normal Multi-Tasking machining technology.

Constructed on a simple, compact 5-axis platform, the VC-500 AM is very cost effective and accommodates a wide range of part sizes and shapes, making it well-suited for educational institutions and research and development facilities as well.


  • Handles parts measuring up to 19.7" in diameter and 12" high and weighing up to 440 pounds
  • Face cladding capability gives users ability to engrave on the part’s face
  • Geometric freedom vis a vis direct metal deposition allows for both additive and subtractive machining capabilities in a single setup
  • Efficient turnkey solution offers DONE IN ONE® part processing
  • Machine’s ergonomic design displays all of the critical machine data within a single page view, while the tilt control panel allows for optimum positioning based on operator height

Machine Specifications

Specification Values
Capacity Maximum Workpiece Diameter 19.680 in / 500 mm
Maximum Workpiece Height 12.000 in / 305 mm
Spindle Spindle Taper 40
Maximum Speed 10000 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 15.0 hp / 11 kw
Magazine Number of Tools 20
Rotary Axes Table Indexing (C axis) 360.0000 degrees
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 19.88 in / 505 mm
Travel (Y Axis) 19.88 in / 505 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 20.07 in / 510 mm