What is Turning?


Turning is a machining process used to make cylindrical parts in which the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion while the workpiece rotates. Commonly performed with a lathe, turning reduces the diameter of a workpiece to a specified dimension and produces a smooth part finish. A turning center is a lathe with a computer numerical control (CNC). Sophisticated turning centers can also perform a variety of milling and drilling operations.

Why Mazak CNC Turning Centers?

While our CNC turning centers range in size and capacity, from two-axis models to machines with rotary tool spindles and second spindles, we design each one with quality, reliability, ease of operation and safety in mind. Furthermore, thanks to our Production-On-Demand manufacturing philosophy, all of our turning centers incorporate the latest, most advanced turning technology for boosting your productivity and growing your business.

Our MAZATROL programming language has its developmental roots in our turning machines. For the ability to handle simple parts to those that are complex and require 4-axis turning operations, MAZATROL gives you the versatility to program those parts using either conversational programming or G-code programming (EIA/ISO) — or even a combination of the two programming types.

Thanks to our Production-On-Demand manufacturing philosophy, all of our turning centers incorporate the latest, most advanced turning technology for boosting your productivity and growing your business.

Turning Center Benefits

  • High-torque, high-speed turning and milling spindles provide fast, accurate and aggressive metal removal capabilities
  • Second spindles offer back-side finishing or sequential part processing
  • Rotary tool spindles deliver the milling, drilling and tapping performance of a machining center
  • Twin spindle, twin turret configurations provide innovative part-processing opportunities
  • Full circumference C-axis headstock brake designs
  • Y-axis functionality offers greater range of part geometry machining
  • Powerful, built-in NC controlled tailstocks allow for automated processes
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guides provide durability and reliability for long-term accuracy
  • Optional long boring bar deep-hole capability offer extremely productive machining
  • User-friendly, high functionality CNC controls simplify programming and increase productivity
  • Bar feeder, gantry loader and articulating robot compatibility increases production and enables lights-out operations

A Turning Solution for Every Application

Our broad selection of advanced CNC turning centers, some of which include Multi-Tasking capabilities, productively handle everything from small part turning to the heavy-duty cutting of large, long-shaft workpieces, and in production quantities that range from single pieces to thousands of components per week. In fact, we offer the most versatile range of fast, powerful and precision turning centers on the market, from machines with vertical or horizontal spindle orientations to those that include two turning spindles, milling capability and Y-axis functionality for increased productivity through DONE IN ONE production.


A world class series of horizontal lathes predominantly made in Florence, KY that can handle everything from small lot job shops to high production and everything in between. The strong step-bed design exceeds expectations even in the most demanding of applications.

  • Integral main and second spindle/headstock
  • Machine configurations available with rotary tooling, Y-axis and second spindle options
  • MX-Roller guide machine construction
  • MAZATROL SmoothG CNC control and hardware
  • Automation options like bar feeders, gantry robot systems, auto-door, auto part catcher and robot interface

QT-Ez Series

The Kentucky-built QT-Ez Series of horizontal turning centers places Mazak quality and reliability within reach for virtually any shop, with productive, space-saving efficiency at an affordable price. Available options include tailstocks, chip management and Multi-Tasking capabilities that add DONE IN ONE® performance for single-setup machining.

  • Powerful and reliable integral motor headstock designs
  • Hybrid MX Roller Guide System improves rigidity, accuracy and reliability
  • Turret configurations include a 2-axis drum style, Mazak bolt-on or BMT 55 for rotary tool applications
  • Rotary tooling (M) and Y-axis off-centerline machining (Y) for Multi-Tasking processing
  • High-production second spindle (S) available for DONE IN ONE part processing

Turning Photos

Contact your local Mazak Representative or visit one of our Technology Centers to identify what Mazak Machining Center best fits your part-processing needs.