Orbit Machining

Powered by Mazak’s SMOOTH generation controls and the new SMOOTH Orbiturn feature, orbit machining enables horizontal machining centers to turn features on large, complex-shaped parts, such as valves and manifolds while they remain in a stationary position. Manufacturers increase the flexibility of their machines and reduce long setup times for large, heavy parts. Because the process uses standard tooling, it is a productive, cost-effective and easy-to-apply solution for performing milling and turning operations in a single setup.

Orbit machining is designed to be used as a finishing operation for I.D., O.D. and face work. The milling operation removes the majority of the material from the part, while the turning operation creates the desired finish. In addition to being a highly effective solution for large parts, orbit machining can also be used to cut diameters as small as two inches.

Mazak’s SMOOTH generation controls increase the accuracy achieved when pushing the limits of the machine’s rapid rates. Accurate controls enable the spindle to precisely track the circle. Being able to maintain precision while increasing speed improves the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the orbit machining process. A machine with a fast rapid rate can only perform as long as it is well-controlled. With better controls, manufacturers can run machine tools at their fullest potential.

Very user-friendly, operators use the SMOOTH controls to program the Mazak machining center with the same G-code used to program a lathe. The operator describes the outer shape, and the machine will do the necessary math.

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