Mazak Newsroom

January 2020

Case Study: PumpWorks Industrial

To produce a completely U.S.-made product and keep the pressure on its off-shore competition, PumpWorks Industrial in Houston, Texas, had to leverage the latest manufacturing technology and become extremely efficient internally.

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Key Technological Breakthroughs Advance Multi-Tasking

Mazak pioneered the concept of Multi-Tasking with our legendary INTEGREX machines. Today, shops can achieve myriad benefits with the technology. Without the need to transfer workpieces from one machine to the next, Multi-Tasking machines require minimal human intervention and can operate unattended for longer periods of time.

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Mazak DISCOVER 2019 Draws Thousands of Attendees

More than 2,000 manufacturers from across North America attended Mazak Corporation’s DISCOVER 2019 event held November 5-7 and 12-13 at the company’s North American Manufacturing Headquarters in Florence, Kentucky. The event featured over 30 live machine tool demonstrations, and Mazak unveiled for the first time in North America several productivity-enhancing technologies such as its new MAZATROL SmoothAi control as well as a new mixed reality training and service support system.

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Innovative CNC Technology Bridges the Skills Gap

For years, the growing gap between the number of manufacturing job opportunities and qualified candidates has alarmed manufacturers and policymakers alike. To help address this problem and fill the skills gap, Mazak developed MAZATROL, the first conversational programming language for CNC machining. Learn more about MAZATROL and what it can do to boost efficiency in your shop in our white paper.

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Mazak Launches All Axes Podcast

Developed and published by Mazak to bring you original content that covers a wide range of subjects affecting manufacturers across North America, All Axes is the new must-listen podcast for industry professionals.

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Overcoming Challenges With Mazak Digital Solutions

When discussing the role of digital technology in manufacturing, many commentators outside the industry talk about it as the future. Shop owners and manufacturers, however, know that the future is already here. In this new digital age, shops must merge advanced technology and manufacturing. They’re applying innovative solutions on the factory floor as more advanced materials and complex part features find their way into everyday products. And to help shops navigate this merger, Mazak created SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY and a full suite of Mazak digital solutions.

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