Mazak Newsroom

March 2017

Take Advantage of our Technology Centers to Increase Efficiency and Utilization

Manufacturing today is fast-paced – every minute of production affects the bottom line. To be competitive shops must achieve efficient use of leading edge technology backed by comprehensive service and support that ensures machines are performing at their best. Operators must also be well-trained so that they can optimize each machine’s capabilities.

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February 2017

How to Troubleshoot 11 Common MTConnect Issues

MTConnect® can help you significantly boost manufacturing efficiency and productivity by enabling your manufacturing equipment to provide valuable data in a format that is useable by data management applications. However, as with any computer-based system, issues such as missing or erroneous inputs and commands can arise and negatively affect system performance. Fortunately, MTConnect implementation issues are generally easy to recognize and resolve.

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Automotive Shops: How to Drive Success

Shops throughout the automotive industry face many common challenges from part quality and cost reduction to the most critical factor – on time delivery. While the challenges are the same, the approaches to manufacturing and part machining can differ greatly from one tier to the next.

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Mazak to Host Technology and Education Event for Midwest Shops

Mazak will host its annual Discover More With Mazak™ Event at its Midwest Technology Center in Schaumburg, Illinois, May 2 - 4. In addition to real-world part cutting demonstrations of the industry’s most innovative machine tools the company will conduct seminars and training sessions centered around its MAZATROL Smooth CNC technology.

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Shop Stretches Manufacturing Abilities with Advanced VTCs

What was once a significant cost for Techniform is now a major profit center. The Mabank, TX, shop specializes in stretch form metal curving/fabrication to produce components used for everything from planes, trains and automobiles to roller coasters and window assemblies in high-rise buildings. Practically all of these formed components require conventional machining - work the shop farmed out to local suppliers. Unfortunately, in doing so, Techniform was subjected to the schedules and often long lead times of those suppliers, not to mention inconsistent part quality from one job to the next.

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January 2017

Mazak to Host Special San Francisco Event for Silicon Valley Shops

Mazak will host a special Discover More with Mazak™ Technology and Learning event at its San Francisco facility in Milpitas, California, March 15 – 16 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The event will center on the particular needs of Silicon Valley shops as well as those of the local area manufacturing community in general.

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Mazak to Spotlight Accurate, Affordable Machining Solutions at PMTS 2017

At PMTS 2017, taking place April 25 – 27 in Columbus, Ohio, Mazak will showcase several machining solutions that enable shops to cost effectively achieve huge gains in productivity. In booth 349, the company will feature its new QUICK TURN PRIMOS 100, QUICK TURN UNIVERSAL (QTU) 200MSY and VC 500A5X machine models, each with a different level of CNC control technology and able to easily process wide varieties of parts.

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What to Consider When Choosing Either a Single-process or Multi-Tasking Machine

Most shops today have some level of Multi-Tasking capabilities, one machining center that combines several cutting processes to reduce job setup time, increase capacity, improve machining accuracy and conserve valuable shop floor space. But is it always best to use a Multi-Tasking machine, or are there times when using a milling machine and/or separate turning machine is a better option? Here are five things to consider when making the choice:

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New VARIAXIS j-600AM Grows the Mazak Additive Series

As one of the newest members of Mazak’s additive machine family, the VARIAXIS j-600AM (Additive Manufacturing) Vertical Machining Center features an innovative Wire Arc-type metal deposition system. The technology takes the additive process to whole new levels in terms of speed, allowing shops to quickly and easily grow part features then employ the machine’s advanced 5-axis multi-surface subtractive capabilities to produce high-precision parts complete in single setups.

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How Mazak Combines Simplicity and Innovation with Value

One size does not fit all when it comes to shops and their machine tool needs. That’s why Mazak offers such a diverse line of technology, including those machining systems that are extremely cost effective without sacrificing performance. But how is this accomplished? The designs and features of Mazak’s simple but innovative QTU series of CNC Turning Centers and the VCU series of Vertical Machining Centers offer the answer to that question.

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Mazak’s VTC-805E Delivers Speed and Power

The new Mazak VTC-805E Vertical Traveling Column Machining Center brings high versatility and productivity to long, heavy parts production. The machine combines an increased Y-axis stroke, long bed/table size, high spindle speed and torque and Mazak’s new SmoothG CNC control for efficient, powerful machining.

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