SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY has revolutionized the way our machine tools perform. Spanning the entire part production landscape – from programming and metal removal to automation and data collection – this all-encompassing platform seamlessly brings unmatched speed, accuracy, functionality and ergonomics to virtually every type of metalworking application.

Each of the four facets of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY – Machine Design, Engineering Support, CNC Technology and Solutions – delivers breakthrough manufacturing innovations, and when these elements are fully integrated, the possibilities are endless.

The four core facets of SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY contribute a host of benefits that maximize your shop’s resources. SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY is more than the hardware and software advances that you need; the platform contains all the tools necessary to stay competitive, achieve your goals and find new opportunities to grow. Whatever your challenges are, Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY provides the solutions.

CNC Technology

We set a precedent in CNC development with the introduction of our MAZATROL programming language in 1981. And, over the last three decades, we’ve continued to improve upon this programming language.



Mazak’s full range of Solutions include the technologies that manufacturers need to keep operations on the cutting edge. The Solutions pillar of the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform opens up new avenues for productivity and efficiency.


Engineering Support

As a pillar of the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform, Engineering Support ensures you receive expertly engineered, reliable equipment and ongoing support for your products for life.


Machine Design

Continuous hardware improvements constantly make highly-advanced machines more powerful and versatile. Modern turning, milling, Multi-Tasking and 5-axis machines reach new levels of advancement every day.


See how much faster you could be cutting parts with Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY.