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All Axes is a podcast developed and published by Mazak Corporation and features original content on a wide range of subjects affecting today’s North American manufacturers. Join host Teelin Henderson as he navigates the industry’s latest topics with appearances from the rest of the Mazak team and interviews with industry leaders from around the world.

Featured Episode

Combining Operations in a Machining Process

JUNE 19, 2023

Multi-Tasking technology has revolutionized manufacturing and nowadays is a necessity in machining operations. Combining operations into one machine can significantly improve the machining process and save time, material, tooling and workholding costs, and at the end of the day increase return on investment. Join us in this episode where Mike Finn, Senior Applications Engineer at Mazak Corporation talks about when is the right time to consider combining operations in a machining process.



Combining Operations in a Machining Process

JUNE 19, 2023

Multi-Tasking technology has revolutionized manufacturing and nowadays is a necessity in machining operations. Join us in this episode where Mike Finn, Senior Applications Engineer at Mazak Corporation talks about when is the right time to consider combining operations in a machining process.


Programming at the Machine vs. Programming Away from the Machine

January 18, 2023

When and where you program can have a large impact on the efficiency and productivity of your shop. In this episode, Kenzie Roaden, Product Group Manager of the ADVANTEC Division at Mazak Corporation talks about the main differences of programming at the machine on the shop floor vs. programming away from the machine.


Improve Operations Through Inspection

June 8, 2022

Dan Skulan, General Manager of Industrial Metrology with Renishaw, joins us in this All Axes Podcast episode to discuss how to increase machine efficiency and improve operations through inspection.


Protect Your Shop From Unwanted Cyber Threats

May 4, 2022

What measures can you take to prevent a cyber attack in your shop and what do you do when it happens? In this episode of All Axes, Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Machine Shop and of Additive Manufacturing Media joins us to discuss the 3-2-1 backup rule and other ways to help protect you against unwanted cyber attacks.


Maximize Uptime With Spindle Health Monitoring

March 2, 2022

Spindle downtime costs money in more ways than one – even a single idle machine can hold up an entire production process, and delayed production means missed deadlines and compromised customer relationships. Join us with Joe Sanders, Assistant Manager Sales Engineering, to listen how you can prevent spindle issues and maximize uptime thanks to Mazak Spindle Health Monitoring.


Dispelling the fears and misconceptions of Multi-Tasking

Jan 24, 2022

Mazak continues to prove itself as a pioneer in multi-tasking technology. Its machines allow today’s manufacturers to process virtually any type of workpiece with one Mazak Multi-Tasking machine. Even with all the benefits multi-tasking offers, some manufacturers still hesitate to embrace the technology because they perceive its learning curves as long and arduous.


Tech Zone: Pre-engineered vs. Custom Automation

Jan 4, 2022

Which works best for your shop? Mazak Sales Engineering Assistant Manager Joe Sanders and Machining Center Product Group Manager Jared Leick walk through the differences between these types of solutions and explain how you can begin to choose the best options for your production line.


Tech Zone: Scales or No Scales?

Oct 12, 2021

Do you need scales for accurate machining? Learn why some machine tools depend on them – and find out how Mazak innovations and quality make scales yesterday's answer to precision. Join Joe Kraemer and Mike Kerscher in this Tech Zone episode of All Axes Podcast.


The Future of Additive Manufacturing

Aug 30, 2021

What's the future of additive manufacturing? Georgia Tech researcher Lauren Heinrich explores advanced technologies and explains where they fit on the production line.


Customer Spotlight: Magnum Machining

June 29, 2021

Second-generation shop owner and CEO Mike Bowman of Magnum Machining talks about continuing the legacy of his father's company and running a business in two countries.


Tech Zone: On machine part probing?

May 24, 2021

Join Joe Kraemer, Cybertec Product Manager, and Mike Kerscher, Applications & Technical Specialist as they take a deep dive into the world of part probing on your machine or on a CMM.


Customer Spotlight: Tomak Precision

Apr 1, 2021

Al "AJ" Schaeper, General Manager of Tomak Precision, joins host Teelin Henderson in a conversation about some of the highs and lows of the past year.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Machine

Feb 2, 2021

Dan Janka, president, and CEO of Mazak Corporation joins us for an in-depth discussion on how to maximize your shop's machine investment.


How Can Job Shops Benefit from Automation?

Jan 12, 2021

As Robert Oswell of Roswell Marine demonstrates with his shop’s PALLETECH system on this episode of All Axes, a versatile, scalable solution can make any shop more productive.


Five Tips to Keep Your Machine Running

Nov 24, 2020

How do you keep your machines running? Joining us in this All Axes Podcast episode is Jason Fights, National Service Manager at Mazak who will discuss five tips that will ensure your machines are up and running.


Closing the Skills Gap with MAZATROL

Sep 30, 2020

How can MAZATROL help you increase productivity and quickly train your shop's workers? Knox Machinery's Samuel Patterson joins the podcast to discuss his experience using MAZATROL.


All Axes LIVE September Event Bonus Preview Episode

Sep 16, 2020

What can you expect to see at our September All Axes LIVE digital event? Get a sneak peek of each live demo we'll be featuring at the event in this bonus episode – and be sure to join us live on September 23!


All Axes LIVE Bonus Episode: MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC Preview

Aug 6, 2020

We'll be demonstrating our next-generation MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC at our upcoming All Axes LIVE digital experience on August 11. Robin Cave gives you a sneak peek at this exclusive technology in this bonus episode of All Axes.


All Axes LIVE Bonus Episode: Mazak Automation Systems

Aug 5, 2020

Learn more about the capabilities of our automation systems, including the technologies we'll be demonstrating at our upcoming All Axes LIVE digital experience on August 11, from Joe Sanders, Automation Systems Manager at Mazak.


All Axes LIVE Bonus Episode: VARIAXIS C-600 Preview

Aug 4, 2020

Kevin Bates, General Manager of the Mazak Midwest Technology Center, gives an advance preview of the new VARIAXIS C-600, which will debut at our upcoming All Axes LIVE digital experience on August 11.


How Your Shop's Culture Can Solve Your Skills Gap

Jun 29, 2020

To combat the skills gap, Westminster Tool changed its hiring process and transformed its company culture. Hillary Coombs explains how this approach requires involvement in education and outreach.


The Five Common Missteps Job Shops Make and How to Avoid Them

Jun 15, 2020

Mazak's Chuck Birkle shares the five most common missteps he's witnessed jobs shops make during this tenure in the industry and offers tips for avoiding them.


Hiring More Women in Manufacturing

Jun 1, 2020

How does manufacturing benefit from women's increasing involvement in the industry? Courtney Ketchie Silver of Ketchie Inc. describes the positive impacts of diversity in manufacturing.


The State of the Manufacturing Industry

May 18, 2020

Mazak President Dan Janka shares his thoughts on where we are as an industry and where we're heading after the COVID-19 pandemic.


Building Winners – Team Penske's Machine Shop: Part Two

May 4, 2020

Penske Racing's shop prepares cars for 5 series and more than 10 drivers, with full teardowns between races. In part two of our conversation with Team Penske's machine shop manager, Jim O'Toole explains how to keep all that speed ready to win.


Building Winners – Team Penske's Machine Shop: Part One

Apr 27, 2020

Penske Racing's shop keeps its cars ready to roll. Get an inside look at the manufacturing arm of the racing dynasty in part one of our two part conversation with Jim O'Toole, machine shop manager for Team Penske.


Mitigate Your Shop's Risk With Multi-Tasking

Apr 20, 2020

Mazak's Chuck Birkle discusses how shops can mitigate their risk during periods of uncertainty through investments in Multi-Tasking machines and technology.


How Reshoring Can Help Us Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions

Apr 6, 2020

How can reshoring help us overcome major supply chain disruptions? Teelin chats with Reshoring Initiative founder Harry Moser to learn how your shop can adapt to the changing market.


What Are Tariffs and How Do They Affect Supply Chains?

Mar 24, 2020

How do tariffs affect supply chain? Teelin chats with Pat McGibbon and Amber Thomas from The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) about recent trade negotiations with China and how they'll impact your shop.


DISCOVER 2019: Adaptive Learning & Smart Machines

Mar 3, 2020

Dr. Thomas Kurfess, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Georgia Institute of Technology, shares his thoughts on the future of smart manufacturing.


DISCOVER 2019: The Benefits of Machine Tool Automation and Where to Begin

Feb 14, 2020

Mike Cicco, president and CEO of FANUC America, joins Teelin to discuss how shops can benefit from automating their operations.


DISCOVER 2019: The Connected Factory

Jan 30, 2020

What will the factory of the future look like? How can shops use the digital connectivity technology available now to dive deeper into their operations and enhance their productivity? Teelin chats with Cisco's Bryce Barnes on these topics and more.


The First Five: Dr. Tom Kurfess - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Oct 29, 2019

How can we prepare for the growing trend of advanced digital manufacturing? Teelin discusses adaptive learning and smart machining with Dr. Tom Kurfess, chief manufacturing officer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.


The First Five: Bryce Barnes - Cisco Systems Inc.

Jan 21, 2020

How can you make the IoT a reality in your shop? Teelin discusses the connected factory and the technology that can build scalable digital solutions in shops with Bryce Barnes from Cisco Systems.


The First Five: Mike Cicco - FANUC America

Oct 25, 2019

Mike Cicco, president and CEO of FANUC America, joins us to discuss the many ways automation can enhance uptime and quality.