The INTEGREX i-Series of Multi-Tasking machines brings together extreme versatility, speed, accuracy and ease of operation for manufacturers of complex components. Featuring the widest range of Multi-Tasking solutions, the series accommodates machining lengths from 15.16" up to 59.8", part diameters from 13.39" to 25.9" and bar diameter's from 2" to 4.02". Various machine configurations available include: single turning spindle with programmable NC tailstocks, twin turning spindles (S), and with lower turret (T). These machine configurations eliminate multiple setups, fixtures, tools, handling and non-cut times.

In addition, ergonomic machine design including large viewing windows, adjustable operator panel, front panel magazine access, and easy access to spindle center - provide operators with increased monitoring, efficient setup, and convenient loading and unloading of work pieces. Mazak 30 year of automation innovation provides the support for adding bar feeding and/or gantry loader to your INTEGREX i-series machines for unattended operations.


  • Powerful single main turning spindle or dual opposed spindles
  • Full C-axis contouring
  • Milling spindle with Y-axis travel and B-axis rotation
  • Available lower turret for simultaneous cutting on most models
  • NC tailstocks
  • ATC changes both fixed turning and rotary tools
  • 36-tool ATC standard - 72-tool capacity available
  • Easy bar feeder or gantry loader integration for system automation

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