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November 2012

Let MTConnect Boost your Productivity and Competitiveness

Every machine tool company designs their machine controls differently, using varying communication methods. Therefore, MTConnect exists to try and set the standard communication method for retrieving data from such manufacturing equipment.

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The Happy Captives

At age 16, Tony Nguyen (Nuyen) - cofounder of Fullerton, CA's SoCal Precision Machining, Inc. - was one of the approximately 500,000 Vietnamese boat people who escaped communist Vietnam by way of Indonesia and eventually immigrated to the United States.

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Oil & Gas Boom

The surge in oil and gas directional drilling has business booming at Taylor Oilfield Manufacturing Inc. The Broussard, LA, shop manufactures key components for mud motors, which have revolutionized directional well drilling. These devices, powered by liquid force pumped down to them in a well, turn well-drilling bits and make long-distance angled and even horizontal well drilling possible.

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October 2012

Metalcutting Mettle at Valent Aerostructures

Valent Aerostructures (Kansas City, MO) meticulously selects every machine tool purchase it makes, and only those machines that provide the perfect combination of reliability, production value and lowest cost per part, as well as the lowest cost of ownership, are even considered. A machine that makes it through the aerospace company's extensive in-house evaluation must then prove its worth as far as performance, accuracy and increased metal removal rates are concerned.

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Mazak Distributor Northwest Machine Technologies

Florence, Kentucky, October 17, 2012 – Mazak Corporation's distributor Northwest Machine Technologies serving Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota and Western Wisconsin has launched a new in-house automation division that will provide customers with complete robot integration services for their Mazak machines. With the added integration service, customers will further benefit from Mazak's comprehensive approach to automation solutions together with the local expert service and support from Northwest Machine Technologies to boost productivity through better machine utilization.

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IMTS 2012 Attendees Discovered More With Mazak

Several major milestones came into play at this year's IMTS, which ran Sept. 10 – 15 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL. Not only did the show itself bring in 100,200 attendees from all over the world, making it the most successful manufacturing event in more than a decade, Mazak brought more to the IMTS show floor than ever before.

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September 2012

Manufacturing Cells Keep Manifold Production Flowing

Manufacturing cells that group together machine tools for processing components made from similar materials and families of parts are key to a lean environment, allowing manufacturers to better manage their workflow and ultimately operate faster and more productively. Daman Products Co., Inc., a leading hydraulic valve manifold shop based in Northern, Indiana, has long relied on manufacturing cells to achieve higher productivity levels, improve on-time delivery as well as increase its responsiveness to fluctuating market conditions.

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Expanding to Better Serve You

In today's steadily growing and competitive manufacturing world where demands are high and increased quality, efficiency and productivity are critical for your success, you need a machine tool partner that can quickly deliver the best solution for your business.

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August 2012

June 2012

May 2012

Expect to Get Your Spare Parts Orders Faster Than Ever

Developing advanced manufacturing technologies is only part of what we do at Mazak to help you increase your productivity and profitability. As part of our comprehensive Optimum Plus customer service program, we offer world-class parts support to maximize the return on your machine tool investment. By stocking more than 50,000 unique part numbers, we are able to achieve 97% same-day delivery on all our orders.

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April 2012

Multi-Tasking Pumps Up Shop’s Machining Capability

Reata Engineering and Machine Works in Englewood, Colorado, took a huge leap of faith when it acquired its first multi-tasking machine. None of the shop’s highly skilled machinists had any experience with such an advanced machine, but the shop was confident that multi-tasking would significantly reduce part setups and eliminate having to use multiple machines in processing the shop’s highly complex parts, in particular, components for peristaltic pumps used in the medical field.

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Pallet Changing Reduces Your Machine's Idle Time

We all know time is money in today's highly competitive manufacturing landscape, and no shop owner can afford to let machine tools sit idle. One way to keep your machine spindle working while additional setups or unloading operations are taking place is through pallet changing.

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Advanced Automation Drives Company’s Success

Specializing in high and low volume work, close tolerance machining and leak testing of aluminum castings for the automotive industry, Metal Technologies has spent the past 14 years developing its niche as a second-tier supplier to leading car and truck manufacturers. The company attributes much of its successes to fully automated manufacturing cells that utilize advanced machine tools from top suppliers such as Mazak.

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Precision Tech

More than a third of a century old. Precision Tech was formed more than 35 years ago by two young brothers, Tom at the age of 25 and Terry, just 20 years young. In fact, Terry says, "My father had to co-sign our business license and loan because legally you had to be at least 21 years of age for signature authority."

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Innovative Precision

If you have doubts about American manufacturers' ability to remain competitive in a global economy, you need to look no further than Innovative Precision. The company, based in beautiful Ogden, UT, opened for business in 1998. It was founded by Bryan Cardon at the mere age of 22, when most young men and women are more interested in fun, Facebook, and dating than building a successful business.

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Is it Time to Simplify Your Valve Manufacturing?

Even though the average person rarely notices them, valves play an important role in our daily life. Without valves, we couldn't turn on a faucet or gas stove. In fact, public utilities wouldn't exist and neither would fresh water or automatic heat in our homes.

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Shop Excels in Severe Service Oil & Gas Valve Manufacturing

During the recent Gulf of Mexico oil spill crisis, CORTEC Fluid Control, in Houma, Louisiana, was called upon to quickly supply two of its severe-service, extreme-pressure valve assemblies. These were needed on the ship that was dispatched to drill a relief well that eased the flow of oil from the spilling well so that repairs could be made. Working around the clock, the shop manufactured the assembly and delivered it in just two days. Typically, such an assembly would take weeks to produce.

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March 2012

Shop Casts A Critical Role In Heavy Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Big-name automakers, heavy vehicle/truck manufacturers, as well as those producing marine craft, are all under pressure to develop engines that are more fuel-efficient and expel less harmful emissions. And most often, engine designers achieve these stringent efficiency goals using an emissions reduction technique known as Exhaust Gas Recirculation or EGR.

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February 2012

Shop Gains Complete Process Control with Automation

Instead of the intention of eliminating the human element from part manufacturing operations, Stark Industrial LLC, located in North Canton, Ohio, incorporates automation to achieve complete part processing control. Automation allows the shop’s highly trained machinists to focus more on inspection and other critical operations rather than consuming their valuable skills and time on menial tasks such as loading and unloading machines.

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A Natural Business Evolution

Let me be the first to officially welcome you to our new blog "Mazak TALK." I thought it only fitting that I make the first entry.

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January 2012

Five-axis Machining Gives Shop a Cutting Edge in Medical Work

Matt Dahms isn’t a doctor, but he attends several orthopedic shows every year, often conducts consultations with surgeons and is sometimes asked to be on-hand during orthopedic surgeries. Dahms is an engineer, machinist and the president of Oak View Tool Company LLC that designs, prototypes and manufactures special surgical cutting devices and orthopedic carbide tools. Keeping in close contact with its medical device OEM customers and surgeons is what allows the shop to set itself apart from the competition by continuously creating new and improved tools and devices that work more efficiently and are easier on the orthopedic surgeons that use them and, most critical, on the patients they treat.

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