Pallet Changing Reduces Your Machine's Idle Time

We all know time is money in today's highly competitive manufacturing landscape, and no shop owner can afford to let machine tools sit idle. One way to keep your machine spindle working while additional setups or unloading operations are taking place is through pallet changing.

Several of our vertical turning centers, including those from the VERTICAL CENTER NEXUS Series and MEGATURN NEXUS Series, easily integrate with our optional 2-pallet changer so you can immediately start boosting your productivity through continuous machining. In fact, whether your focus is on high production jobs or small batch just-in-time production, you can significantly reduce your part cycle times and machine non-cut times with pallet changing.

With an automatic 2-pallet changer, machine operators can load, unload and inspect parts on one pallet, while the machine continues to work on parts fixtured on the other pallet. When one pallet of work is completed, change out time between the two pallets is often a matter of seconds. You'll also find we offer a shutter for our vertical turning centers that mounts between the machine and pallet changer to block coolant as well as keep chips from scattering.

If you're trying to double your shop's production, investing in a 2-pallet changer is one of the easiest things you can do. It's not uncommon for a pallet changer to pay for itself in a matter of a few weeks — and the rest is just more money in your pocket.

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