Is it Time to Simplify Your Valve Manufacturing?

By Mike Kerscher, Mazak Product Specialist

Even though the average person rarely notices them, valves play an important role in our daily life. Without valves, we couldn't turn on a faucet or gas stove. In fact, public utilities wouldn't exist and neither would fresh water or automatic heat in our homes.

Valves range in size from a fraction of an inch up to 30 feet in diameter, and vary in complexity, from a simple brass valve from a hardware store to a highly sophisticated coolant system control valve made of an exotic alloy for a nuclear reactor.

And the larger, more odd-shaped the valve, the more difficult it is to machine turned features on it. But it doesn't have to be a challenging process. Mazak has found a way to simplify the approach and advance large-part productivity.

During a recent webinar titled "ORBITEC 20: Innovative Solutions for Valve Manufacturing" manufacturers discovered a new world of possibilities in the precise machining of the most challenging valve projects. They learned Mazak's new ORBITEC 20 employs a wholly unique headstock design to generate turned features on large parts by keeping the workpiece clamped and stationary, moving only the cutting tool.

ORBITEC 20 benefits webinar participants learned about:

The machine increases part-processing versatility by performing a wide range of operations, including generating phonographic finishes on flange surfaces, cutting tapered bores and grooving in feed-out operations. It also does trepanning, threading, internal grooving, drilling and concave machining.

The machine's headstock keeps tool tips facing either toward or away from the centerline of rotation while tools orbit around workpieces; thereby providing stable precision machining and less part interference because tools do not protrude beyond the rotating headstock when working on larger diameters.

Equipped with a standard 2-pallet changer, the machine easily integrates with Mazak's advanced PALLETECH automation system. The ORBITEC can then combine with Mazak HORIZONTAL CENTER NEXUS machining centers to create aggressive, complete Done-In-One large-part manufacturing cells for lights-out operation.

You'll find the ORBITEC webinar is just one in a series of Discover Technology webinars we are hosting. Mazak wants to bridge the technology gap and connect its customers with industry experts on the latest productivity-improving machining applications and solution ideas for various industries. These webinars are free and all you need is 60 minutes, a computer, Internet connection and web browser to start gaining powerful knowledge that help you stay competitive and grow your bottom line.

Upcoming seminars include: "Demystifying 5-Axis Post Processors," "Turbine Blade Manufacturing in Mult-Tasking," "MTConnect and Downstream Solutions," "Digital Simulation and PALLETECH Automation," and "Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturing."

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