2020 Vol. 1

Mazak’s New Spindle Rebuild Facility: A Spindle Production Powerhouse

The spindle is the heart of a machine tool, and we know how much you depend on your machine’s spindle performance to meet your overall production and business goals. At Mazak, we build and repair spindles better than anyone else. So, expanding our already industry-leading Spindle Rebuild Department to make it a spindle production powerhouse is one of our top priorities. The new facility is currently under construction on Mazak’s Kentucky campus. Once it’s complete, we’ll be able to get you the spindles you need faster than ever before, minimizing downtime and helping your shop stay productive and profitable.

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Mazak, Building Bridges to the Final Frontier

At Mazak, we’re proud to provide manufacturing technology that companies around the world use to build the products and infrastructure of the future. Our machine tools cut parts that appear on racetracks and in undersea oil wells, on airplanes overhead and wastewater systems below.

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Overcoming Challenges With Mazak Digital Solutions

When discussing the role of digital technology in manufacturing, many commentators outside the industry talk about it as the future. Shop owners and manufacturers, however, know that the future is already here. In this new digital age, shops must merge advanced technology and manufacturing. They’re applying innovative solutions on the factory floor as more advanced materials and complex part features find their way into everyday products. And to help shops navigate this merger, Mazak created SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY and a full suite of Mazak digital solutions.

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Case Study: North Star Technical, Inc.

In Hamilton, Ontario, just south of Toronto in the province’s industrial heart, North Star Technical Inc. has earned a sterling reputation for customer service since its founding in 1986 based on the solid foundation of its family-owned business. In a city filled with CNC machining and repair shops, this job shop has differentiated itself from the crowd with specialized areas of expertise and close customer relationships, all backed by advanced machine tool technology.

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What You Missed at DISCOVER 2019

Visitors who joined the Mazak team at our Florence, Kentucky-based headquarters experienced the state-of-the-art technology designed to meet the challenges of modern manufacturing – and if you were unable to join us this year, you missed our biggest and best show yet. We celebrated 100 years of bringing the spirit of Together Success to our customers and partners around the world, and we had the opportunity to showcase how we’re working together with you to discover even more in the years to come.

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