Mazak Newsroom

October 2011

Medical Manufacturing With Backbone

On any given day, there can be as many as 2,000 different components circulating around the production floor at Engineered Medical Systems (EMS). EMS specializes in manufacturing complex medical instrumentation, most of which is used for spine related procedures.

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Keep Up, Or Get Left Behind

Turner Medical Inc. is one of the few tier-I-level suppliers to the medical industry that can boast it manufactures FDA-approved surgical implants and the devices used to install them. Producing both implants and instrumentation is considered rare for non-OEM medical companies, but the shop that once specialized in tool and die work is now a recognized leader in medical manufacturing with upwards of $1.75-million worth of product shipped out of its facility on a monthly basis to customers nationwide.

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Specialty Turbomachinery Shop Gains Vertical Versatility

Barber-Nichols Inc. is not the kind of shop that competes with the average machine shop down the street. The company is quite different in that it produces full assemblies that are so highly complex that there may be only one or two other companies in the world capable of producing them.

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Always Advance: One Supplier’s Attack Plan For Defense Work

ADEPT Technologies operates under a business philosophy of ‘move forward or die.’ Such a simple and direct approach has been the driving force behind the company’s transformation from a stereotypical machine shop to the fully integrated national defense manufacturing facility it is today, and one that could be considered a model for how machine shops might look and operate in the future.

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September 2011

Manufacturing Industry Mourns Loss of Mr. Teruyuki Yamazaki

Florence, Kentucky, September 16, 2011 – It is with great sadness that Mazak Corporation announces the passing of Mr. Teruyuki (Terry) Yamazaki, chairman and CEO of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation. Mr. Yamazaki was the son of Mr. Sadakichi Yamazaki, founder of Yamazaki Machinery, later Yamazaki Mazak Corporation, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of machine tools. Teruyuki Yamazaki was 82 years old.

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July 2011

Pennsylvania Manufacturer Succeeds Through Attention to Detail

At every level, Acero reveals itself to be at odds with the public’s general perceptions of American manufacturing. The company’s facility is well lit and virtually spotless, resembling a laboratory more than a shop floor. In April 2011, the company acquired ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications for continuous quality improvement. While attaining these distinctions proves an exceptional challenge for many, Acero already dedicated itself so fully to quality that the certification process required little effort compared to its existing operations. This dedication is apparent at all levels.

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Penske NASCAR Drivers Kurt Busch and Brad Keselowski Visit Mazak in Florence, KY

Mazak Corporation welcomed Penske NASCAR Sprint Cup Racing Team drivers Kurt Busch and Brad Keselowski to its Florence, Kentucky, production plant on July 6, 2011. The Penske Team drivers gathered in the Technology Center of the manufacturing campus where they shook hands with Mazak employees and signed autographs. The drivers also toured Mazak's expansive Production-On-Demand machine tool manufacturing areas, where many of the Mazak machine tool models used by Penske's racing machine shops are built from the ground up.

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June 2011

Insourcing Yields Tremendous Success for Bike Component Manufacturer

The story is a familiar one. Hoping to save money on manufacturing and assembly, leaders in an industry move production overseas. The majority of component suppliers follow, out of the necessity to be close to their customers. Many of these maintain their American headquarters to keep administration, engineering and r&d at home, but the manufacturing jobs disappear. The bicycle industry underwent this transformation through the mid-nineties, shifting the majority of its production first to Taiwan, then to China.

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