Mazak Rock Solid

High Quality Manufacturing and Products

  • Ongoing commitment to U.S. Manufacturing since 1974
  • Continuous investment in facility expansions, upgrades and incorporating the latest technology for our Kentucky manufacturing campus
  • Low turnover of our highly experienced and trained plant and engineering associates yields solid skills and performance
  • Kentucky production system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards
  • Production-On-Demand concept ensures quick response to changing customer demands and guarantees consistent quality
  • Manufacturing capacity of 200 machines per month in Kentucky, depending on mix of machines
  • Engineering dedicated to new product development and continuous improvement
  • Over 100 machine models produced in Kentucky
  • Rock Solid means producing the highest quality machine tools possible.

MPower Service & Support

  • Comprehensive MPower service, support and training program maximizes Mazak machine tool value and ensures high ROI
  • North American Parts Center with over 145,000 part numbers provides ordering efficiency of 97% of parts shipped from stock same day and the convenience of 24/7 online ordering
  • Dedicated Spindle Rebuild facility on campus
  • Mazak network of experienced factory-trained service engineers
  • Lifetime support of products
  • Single source responsibility of machine and control components
  • Rock Solid means providing the best possible customer support.

Technology Innovation

  • Eight Technology Centers across North America are a source of new, innovative ideas, new product solutions, process and turnkey applications
  • Over 90 Multi-Tasking model configurations
  • Technology advancements that continuously redefine the industry
  • Constant R&D and flow of new Kentucky product innovations driven by customer requirements
  • 3-4-5 The Next Level of Productivity manufacturing solution ensures customers acquire the right level of technology for their individual operations
  • Rock Solid means giving our customers the tools to help them increase profitability and competitiveness.

Financial Stability

  • In business since 1919
  • Financially solid, privately held with a stable management structure
  • Rock Solid means managing business responsibly.

Global Commitment

  • 10 manufacturing facilities and 78 Technology Centers and Technical Centers located worldwide
  • Global commitment to manufacturing in Japan, North America, Europe, Asia and China
  • Consistent Mazak service throughout the world
  • Rock solid means demonstrating an ongoing commitment to global manufacturing.

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