Global Commitment

Mazak is the global leader in the design and manufacture of highly productive CNC machine tools and automation systems, including turning centers, vertical and horizontal machining centers, Multi-Tasking solutions, 5-axis machining centers, PALLETECH manufacturing systems, laser-cutting machines and laser-based automation cells.

Established in 1919, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation in Oguchi, Japan, is the World Headquarters for the Mazak Group. Committed to innovative product development, advanced manufacturing technologies and long-term customer support, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation employs more than 7,000 associates, manages 10 manufacturing plants – which all use Mazak machines to make other Mazaks – and operates 38 Technology Centers around the world through its subsidiaries.

Because industrial markets, manufacturer demands and machine tool technology vary by region and country as well as evolve over time, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation began establishing manufacturing plants in major markets around the world in the early 1970s later followed by a network of Technology Centers to better serve its customers. After all, the company believed – and still does – the best way to serve a market is to become immersed in it.

But understanding the unique manufacturing requirements of specific markets is just a small part of the company’s commitment to customers. Yamazaki Mazak Corporation also believes in establishing trust and building lasting customer relationships by continuously investing in its manufacturing and support operations.

In terms of its manufacturing, the company is constantly expanding and advancing its manufacturing plants around the world to remain agile in an ever-evolving marketplace, maintain the shortest possible production lead times as well as ensure only the latest technology goes into every new machine.

With respect to support, the company spends a lot of time and money in the ongoing enhancement of its technical and applications services, educational programs and spare parts fulfillment via the company’s global network of Technology and Parts Centers.

Overall, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation is more than a leading machine tool and automation system supplier. It serves as a partner in innovation, offering its customers around the world a better way to manufacture so they can productively and profitable make products for a better tomorrow, from fuel-efficient automobiles to critical medical implants to safer airplanes.

Yamazaki Mazak Corporation Manufacturing Plants

Currently, Yamazaki Mazak Corporation has 10 manufacturing plants operating around the world, and each one has undergone several expansions to effectively support the growing technology demands of customers across all industry segments.


  • Oguchi Manufacturing Plant
  • Minokomo Manufacturing Plant
  • Minokomo Manufacturing Plant No. 2
  • Seiko Manufacturing Plant
  • Inabe Manufacturing Plant

United States

  • North American Manufacturing Plant in Florence, Kentucky


  • United Kingdom Manufacturing Plant in Worcester, United Kingdom

Southeast Asia

  • Singapore Manufacturing Plant in Jurong, Singapore


  • Little Giant Manufacturing Plant in Ningxia, China
  • Liaoning Manufacturing Plant in Dailan, China