Is It Time for Your Shop to Automate?

Many automation systems on the market today are designed for larger shops. But if you are an owner of a small shop, you may be eager to make the most of your labor resources and machine capabilities with automation, too. Our new Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) single machine automation system is designed to meet your needs.

MPP is a standardized automation solution that is flexible and easily expandable. It can be set up in three different configurations that hold six, 12 or 18 pallets, and works across different production methods to achieve better productivity in a variety of production settings, including low-mix, high-volume parts or short-run parts with many changeovers.

Compared with conventional palletized automation systems, which cover significant floor space, single machine automation systems have a dramatically smaller footprint. An MPP six-pallet changer for the VARIAXIS i-600, for example, uses 29 percent less floor space than linear automation systems with the same capacity. This modest size not only enables you to grow your business without growing the square footage of your shop, but is also one of the reasons the MPP is more affordable and requires a smaller upfront investment over a larger system.

The MPP’s easy implementation also makes it a perfect fit for small shops. It uses the actual pallets for the machine, as opposed to adding pallets on top of the machine’s pallets, which is the setup in some automation systems. It operates with the same pallet clamping system as two-pallet changers installed on machine tools, and the servo-driven robot picks and places pallets from the pool and places them in the machine.

Another advantage of the MPP is that it uses the same SMOOTH PMC software that controls our PALLETECH system, making it easy to monitor the automated machining system from almost anywhere using a smart phone, PC or tablet. The software, which is displayed directly on the machine’s control, makes it possible to change schedules on the fly, manage part program files, track tool life/breakage as well as issue instructions to the shop floor.

Single machine automation systems are a great way to improve productivity in your shop. They can alleviate machine spindles sitting idle while operators load new parts, perform quality control checks or tend to various other shop tasks. These systems can also enable you to run lights-out operations.

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