Mazak’s full range of Solutions include the technologies that manufacturers need to keep operations on the cutting edge. The Solutions pillar of the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform opens up new avenues for productivity and efficiency in part processing operations through digital technologies and collaborative projects.


Advanced Machining

MAZATROL TWINS creates virtual twins of machines equipped with the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC, essentially allowing programmers to access virtual machines in their offices. Designed to accurately duplicate the operation of machines on your factory floor, the included software packages can be combined with the power of the MAZATROL SmoothAi control to substantially increase the efficiency of your production.

SMOOTH Project Manager

SMOOTH Project Manager conveniently manages the data required to execute machining programs, including tool data, fixtures, system coordination, parameters and workpiece 3D models. In addition, its project data synchronization features can work with SMOOTH CAM Ai and a variety of alternative CAD/CAM software packages to keep data synced between virtual machines and MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC units on the factory floor.


SMOOTH CAM Ai not only allows for the creation of programs, but it enables users to simulate and analyze data for multiple machines, all from an office desktop. Data is then sent to machines in the factory for fast and accurate machine setups. In addition to enabling users to easily change machining conditions such as speeds, feeds and depths of cut on the fly, SMOOTH CAM Ai’s Cutting Adviser function helps users optimize machining parameters, allowing for the precise control of data related to tools, material removal amount, machining load, machining time, and change of machining data, including cutting speed and depth of cut.

SMOOTH Machining Configuration (SMC)

SMOOTH Machining Configuration (SMC) enables cycle time, finished surface and machining shape to be adjusted by slider switches for real-time optimization based on material requirements and machining methods, including new options for selecting speed or accuracy as a priority. This is especially effective for complex workpiece contours defined in small program increments, particularly with the software’s new ability to adjust rotary axis acceleration turning parameters.


SMC PLUS, an optional software module for the MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC, compares tool contact points in EIA programs with a 3D model so users can quickly correct any issues to ensure correct tool paths and high-accuracy finished surfaces.

Advanced Machining

Advanced Machining

Mazak’s advanced machine technologies increase your productivity and efficiency, and optimize your part-production processes. We offer the most advanced machining solutions to provide you with infinite part machining capabilities.

HYBRID Multi-Tasking

Our HYBRID Multi-Tasking machines use additive technology to complement advanced CNC machining, or subtractive, operations to revolutionize your product design, time to market and cut R&D costs. Mazak’s innovative additive and subtractive machining ensure you achieve highest quality finish and accuracy with enhanced single-setup and DONE IN ONE® part-processing capabilities.

SMOOTH Gear Cutting

For high-precision machining, we offer the most advanced gear cutting SMOOTH Gear Cutting solutions. Through combining our highly-advanced Multi-Tasking machines with our latest innovations in gear cutting methods, such as our SMOOTH Gear Skiving, SMOOTH Gear Milling and SMOOTH Gear Hobbing, you increase your accuracy and productivity. Mass production is made easy with SMOOTH Gear Skiving and SMOOTH Gear Hobbing that features a built in programming function that uses profile specific gear cutters. For small lot production, SMOOTH Gear Milling provides easy machine setups without need for custom gear software.


Advanced Programming

MAZATROL SmoothX, SmoothG and SmoothC CNCs – key elements of the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform – have advanced programming functions that put endless part processing capabilities and increased productivity at your fingertips.

SMOOTH Orbitturn Function

Achieve ID and OD turning on your Multi-Tasking machining center with Mazak’s SMOOTH Orbitturn Function, enhanced orbital programming software and tool registration. SMOOTH Orbitturn Function creates a shaping axis by synchronizing the X- and Y-axis to move in a circular motion to achieve orbit machining.

SMOOTH Engraving Function

Benefit from SMOOTH Engraving Function’s easy and fast engraving programming on EIA/ISO and conversational MAZATROL CNCs. The 3-D graphic simulation gives you to ability to achieve seamless programming operations.

Metrology & Compensation

Metrology & Compensation


Through collaborations with industry leader Renishaw, Mazak continues to raise the bar in the development of metrology and compensation solutions that solve your toughest metal working challenges. 

SMOOTH Set & Inspect

Mazak’s latest metrology innovation – SMOOTH Set and Inspect, a new part inspection software – is compatible with Mazak’s MAZATROL SmoothX or SmoothG CNC control. SMOOTH Set and Inspect software provides you with an on-machine work measurement and inspection solution with intuitive touch panel operation.

SMOOTH Volumetric Compensation

For more consistent positioning and high accuracy machining, Mazak’s SMOOTH Volumetric Compensation allows you to error map your machine through the removal of 6DOF (Degrees of Freedom) on the machine’s axis with a XM60 laser system. 

Tool Management

Tool Management

Protect expensive tools as well as secure and optimize them while overseeing your process and detecting machine faults. 

Mazak’s SMOOTH Tool Data Converter and SMOOTH Tool Management software –MTConnect® ready and for any MAZATROL Smooth CNC control –  provides you with valuable tool data management and tool life utilization to ensure preventive maintenance.

Automation Systems

Automation Systems


At Mazak, we understand the significant competitive advantages that come with having the right type of automation for your manufacturing facility. That’s why we offer the most advanced automation solutions of any machine tool builder in the industry.

Whether it’s a simple bar feeder that enhances your turning center’s throughput or a complex system that moves parts through multiple machining and peripheral operations, we are a single source provider for all your automation needs. And to ensure you have the right automation for your facility, we have developed four various levels of automation to fulfill your specific production needs.

  • Bar feeders easily increase your productivity and material utilization
  • Gantry loaders ensure fast, efficient part loading and unloading
  • PALLETECH automation systems gives you modular flexibility with an advanced, pre-engineered palletized manufacturing system
  • Articulating robots offer you a highly advanced alternative to traditional production


PALLETECH Automation Systems, exclusive to Mazak, bring advanced, pre-engineered automation to today’s machining environments. This Multi-Tasking solution is perfect for any of your manufacturing or volume requirements, and is compatible with all of our horizontal, vertical and 5-axis machining centers. Easily monitor a PALLETECH-based manufacturing cell from almost anywhere using a smart phone, PC or tablet with our SMOOTH PMC software. The software, which features a home screen with the same look and feel as the MAZATROL Smooth CNCs, also makes it possible to change schedules on the fly, manage part program files, track tool life/breakage as well as issue instructions to the shop floor. The cost-effective SMOOTH PMC software improves your machine utilization and allows for unmanned machining. Another popular PALLETECH automation solution, our flexible Multi Pallet Pool (MPP) modular automation system, can be easily expanded after initial installation to provide you with a Multi-Tasking solutions for any of your volume requirements – ranging from high-mix, low volume production to high volume operations.

Monitoring & Analytics

Monitoring & Analytics

Mazak’s monitoring and analytic solutions enhance your process optimization, increase productivity, boost performance, and ensure quality.

SMOOTH Spindle Analytics

SMOOTH Spindle Analytics, connected to the cloud via MTConnect, supports your big data, analytics and a variety of software applications. Analyze collected spindle data with Mazak’s SMOOTH Spindle Analytics to easily identify and fix a down spindle to improve overall machine utilization and reduce downtime. 


Perfect for both large and small shops, Mazak SMOOTH Link makes it possible to sync your machine with a mobile device to monitor and manage its status at any time from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Designed to sync with MAZATROL Smooth CNCs, this digital tool captures real-time information from the control and securely transfers the information to a mobile device via Wi-Fi.

SMOOTH Monitor

A nearly real-time machine monitoring solution, SMOOTH Monitor allows users to easily keep track of the entire manufacturing environment, making it easier to eliminate bottlenecks, streamline production and optimize processes.