Mazak’s MULTIPLEX W200Y is Industry’s Fastest for Done In One Processing

FLORENCE, Ky., October 18, 2016 – Mazak’s MULTIPLEX W200Y Multi-Tasking CNC Turning Center is the industry’s fastest in terms of DONE IN ONE® part processing capabilities. The machine loads/unloads parts quicker, provides shorter chip-to-chip times and sports the new MAZATROL SmoothG CNC with higher processing speeds for faster overall machining.

Designed for single-setup, mid to high volume production and continuous operations, the MULTIPLEX W200Y incorporates dual spindles and dual turrets with milling tools and Y-axis capability. The twin integral spindles on the MULTIPLEX W200Y each offer an 8” (203 mm) chuck size and a bore size of 2.4” (61 mm) in diameter, and each delivers 30 hp (22 kW) and maximum speeds of 5,000 rpm. Since both spindles offer identical performance, part-processing flexibility is greatly increased, and Mazak has incorporated full 360-degree circumferential clamping units into the integral spindles to further increase C-axis indexing accuracy.

The twin VDI-type turrets on the MULTIPLEX W200Y hold 12 tools each, and rotary tools can be mounted in any position. Y-axis travels of +/- 2” (+/- 50 mm) along with the 5,000-rpm (10,000 optional) milling spindles of the turrets further increase the machine’s single-setup part processing power.

Machine turrets feature clutch-less milling units that significantly shorten chip-to-chip time on the MULTIPLEX W200Y. The turret design is a two-motor type – one motor for indexing and the other for direct drive milling. Immediately after a turret indexes, the mill drive is instantaneously engaged to slash chip-to chip-time by over 50 percent in most instances.

The MULTIPLEX W200Y’s identical twin spindles and identical twin turrets with Y-axis travel allow for unique part machining. Long shaft parts can be held using both spindles and machined with synchronized spindle rotation. Or the first operations of parts can be done with the No. 1 spindle/turret, and then parts transfer to the No. 2 spindle/turret for completing remaining operations. Or, two parts can be completed simultaneously and independently at both spindles/ turrets and using the machine’s center partition.

With the MAZATROL SmoothG control, the MULTIPLEX W200Y’s axes feed at speeds 14 percent to 50 percent faster than previous technology. The new control makes it easy to generate programs for processing complex parts through off-centerline machining as well as angled drilling, milling and tapping.

The MAZATROL SmoothG incorporates a wide variety of advanced programming functions for ease of use and to ensure high-speed, high-accuracy machining performance. These functions include High Gain Feed Forward Control, Fast Rotary Axis Speeds, Variable Acceleration Control and Intelligent Pocket Milling.

To shorten part loading/unloading time by about 20 percent, Mazak equipped the MULTIPLEX W200Y with a rack-and-pinion type gantry loader as opposed to a belt-driven one. The company also synchronized the motion of all the machine’s doors and partitions so that they open precisely as the gantry approaches.

As an automation option, a two-pallet changing conveyor system allows users to continuously feed parts into it without having to stop the gantry or the machine itself. And via part program macro, users can select when and which parts will exit the conveyor system for inspection.

The MULTIPLEX W200Y handles bar work diameters up to 2” (50 mm), shaft work lengths to 21” (533 mm) and chucked workpiece lengths to 7” (178 mm). It provides a standard machining diameter of 10.24” (260 mm) and a maximum swing of 12.6” (320 mm) in diameter.

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