Mazak Spotlights DONE IN ONE® Production of the INTEGREX i-100H ST at DISCOVER 2021

Florence, Kentucky, November 1, 2021 – Ideal for small high-precision and complex part applications such as those in the medical industry, the INTEGREX i-100H ST Multi-Tasking Machine from Mazak Corporation provides Done In One part processing capability. With two turning spindles, a milling spindle and lower turret along with full simultaneous 5-axis machining, the machine processes parts from raw material to finished component in single setups. The results are reduced production lead times, improved part accuracy and lower operating expenses.

The machine’s turning spindles share high performance capabilities as they both employ a 15 hp (11 kW) integral motor spindle with maximum spindle speeds of 6,000 rpm. For high precision C-axis contouring, the main spindle indexes in 0.0001-degree increments, while the second spindle provides increments of 0.001 degrees. Each spindle features a 6" chuck with a 2.4" (61 mm) bore size that can accommodate bar stock of up to 2" (51 mm) in diameter.  

The INTEGREX i-100H ST has an optional high-speed 32-hp (24 kW), 20,000-rpm compact design milling spindle mounted in the rotating B-axis with a range of 240 degrees in 0.0001-degree indexing increments. And for high accuracy of motion, B-axis scale feedback comes standard on the machine. The machine’s 36-tool magazine accommodates tools up to 5.1" in diameter when neighboring stations are empty and up to 3.5” in diameter when stations are occupied.

For off-centerline operations, the INTEGREX i-100H ST, while compact in size, provides ample axes travels of 8.2" (210 mm) in Y, 21.06" (535 mm) with a below centerline capability of 1.97" (50 mm) in X and 35.4" (900 mm) in Z; thereby allowing the machine to process a wide range of part sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the machine’s three linear axes attain high-speed rapid traverse rates of 1,575 ipm (40 m/min).  

The machine’s new orthogonal lower drum turret has 12 tool positions and indexes per step in just 0.19 seconds. The bolt-on style or (optional VDI / milling) turret can work at either the main or second spindles to perform balanced cutting and/or simultaneously pinch turning/milling of the upper and lower turrets to increase overall throughput. The Mazak also offers the INTEGREX i-100H ST with the slant type lower drum turret with nine tool positions. The slant turret design can work at either the main or second turning spindles with the same tool, achieving faster overall part throughput.

The INTEGREX i-100H ST features Mazak’s new MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC control. Within the control, users experience enhanced process home screen, new advanced hardware and software functionalities that make for easy operations while also delivering high accuracy and increased productivity. The control hardware performance is much faster with higher processing speeds for small increment operation. Furthermore, an optional SMC plus software optimizes toolpaths for high-speed machining and high-quality surface finishes. An optional auxiliary monitor adds to operator efficiency in setup support, as does a dashboard for machine running, CAD/CAM software display and operating terminal for automation systems thru an external PC prepared by the user.

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