How to Program Your Way to Higher Productivity

Technology advances at warp speeds these days. Think back as little as 10 years ago. We couldn’t make phone calls, take pictures, shoot video, play music, watch TV or search the Internet using a highly intuitive mobile device. We had flip phones with physical keyboards that made texting a slow, painstaking process. CNC technology has evolved in a similar fashion over the past decade, giving rise to our latest MAZATROL Smooth CNCs that have revolutionized machine tool performance.

In 1981, we were the first to introduce a CNC with conversational and EIA/ISO programming, which made it easy for almost anyone to run a Mazak. Today, our MAZATROL Smooth CNCs apply this same proprietary programming language but expand the CNC concept far beyond what anyone could ever have imagined possible in the 80s — or early 2000s for that matter.

As key elements of our new SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform, MAZATROL SmoothX and SmoothG bring complete ease of use, lightning fast cutting speeds and unbeatable performance accuracy to our multi-axis machine tools. In fact, these controls have a series of new programming functions that put infinite part processing capabilities and increased productivity at your fingertips.

Smooth Machining Configuration Function

This cutting condition selection function makes it easy to tune the parameter settings on the machine to correspond with the workpiece material and application at hand. Such dynamics support precision across the entire program while improving throughput.

Orbit Machining Function

This function allows our horizontal and vertical machining centers with orientation of the spindle axis to turn features on large, complex-shaped parts such as valves and manifolds while they remain in a stationary position. Operators no longer have to program this turning process in EIA/ISO, which can be difficult. They can also use the same programming style as they would on a lathe, including nose-R compensation, constant surface feed and fixed cycles.

Position Controlled Hobbing Function

This function brings high accuracy and convenience to hobbing and skiving operations. It can synchronize the workpiece and cutter at any time, enabling operators to change the spindle override while cutting, adjust spindle speeds during roughing and finishing as well as check surface finish via manual interruption.

Real Time Tuning Function

This function helps maintain optimal balance throughout the metal removal process. It detects changes in machine inertia when the rotary table axes are moving and automatically adjusts the acceleration/deceleration of the rapid feed rates based on the weight of the workpiece in real time. 

Smooth Corner Control Function

Based on a preset radial tolerance, this function reduces vibrations and shortens machining cycle times through cutter path adjustments made when machining into corners. This tolerance eliminates any dwell resulting from a rapid deceleration in the axial movement often associated with conventional corner machining. Thus, corner surfaces are smoother, the risk of cutter gouging is reduced and cutters can feed much faster.

It’s amazing what today’s technologies can do. And, for those of us who had to text with a flip phone, we can truly appreciate the speed and simplicity of a smartphone. And the same goes for CNC technology. With MAZATROL Smooth CNCs, you no longer have to worry about factors such as sluggish hardware and slow processing speeds messing with your machining cycle times again.

About Mazak Corporation

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