Going Big to Solve Common Large Part Machining Issues

Shops processing for industries such as oil and gas, aerospace and heavy equipment need bigger, high-performance machines to stay competitive. Because much of the challenge with large parts has to do with producing as much as possible in a single setup, multiple-setup operations are often inefficient and time consuming. Multi-tasking functionality helps machining centers accomplish this, and should be essential in any large part operation.

Manufacturers working with this type of machining must also be aware of their worktable’s configuration. Along with utilizing Multi-Tasking capabilities, large part processing also requires moving parts as little as possible, which requires a flexible, capable worktable.

Our latest 5-axis and Multi-Tasking machining systems for extra-large, heavy part product production provide solutions for both of these concerns - Multi-tasking functionality for single setups and worktable capability.


The new VORTEX HP 160, built for the aerospace industry, features a large 157" x 49" vertically oriented worktable, which easily accommodates a maximum load capacity of 6,614 lbs. Users can position the worktable horizontally to quickly setup and load a part, then machine the part loaded in a vertical position, allowing chips to fall freely and out of the part. It also comes standard equipped with a tool magazine storage capacity of 30 tools, while a 60-tool magazine option is also available for increased machining versatility.


The new INTEGREX e-800H, our biggest Multi-Tasking machine for extra-large part production, cuts down the need for multiple setups by productively performing all cutting operations through DONE IN ONE® processing. The e-800H II also features Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY. Through easier programming, extensive simulation capabilities, optimization of tool paths, economized machine movement and overall faster cycle times, this technology provides substantial productivity improvements through its ease of use, adaptability and far-reaching functionality.

VERSATECH V-100N and V-140N

Both the VERSATECH V-100N and V-140N feature spindle heads that position vertically, horizontally and at any angle in between, allowing them to perform full simultaneous 5-axis multi-face machining in single setups to significantly reduce large-part handling while also boosting cutting accuracy. Plus, their spacious machine worktables offer the option of loading smaller multiple parts for continuous unmanned operations. And for even higher production, a two-table changing system is available, allowing for two full tables worth of continuous uninterrupted part processing.

If you would like more information on how these solutions can specifically meet the needs of your shop, speak directly with an applications expert by contacting your local Mazak sales representative or Mazak Technology Center

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