Established in 1974 with the start of our Kentucky operations, our Rock Solid commitment to U.S. manufacturing has made it possible for our company and customers to stay strong in all economic climates.

This unwavering commitment involves every facet of our business, from managing our business responsibly to product innovation to total customer support.

At DISCOVER 2015, you’ll experience this credo at every turn and learn how being Rock Solid sets the foundation for success. 

Manufacturing Quality

We’ve expanded our manufacturing plant countless times over the past 40+ years to maintain the shortest possible lead times for our products as well as ensure that every new machine coming off the line features the latest technology available.

In 2014 alone, we invested over $30 million in our manufacturing operations to adopt the new Mazak iSMART Factory™ concept that allows for the complete digital integration of our plant.

This dynamic, ongoing and limitless concept symbolizes a commitment to creating the ultimate smart factory where real-time data offers unmatched production efficiency and the fastest possible response times to customer and/or market changes.

Technological Innovation

Our latest advancements in machine tool technology redefine what it means to be productive in today’s highly competitive manufacturing marketplace.

These developments include intuitive hardware, high-speed servo systems and enhanced ergonomics as part of our SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform; the world’s fastest programming and processing times via the MAZATROL SmoothX CNC; and combining our most advanced Multi-Tasking capabilities with additive technology to create the INTEGREX i-400AM.

Customer Support

Education plays a significant role in how we support our customers. We want to ensure every Mazak owner has the right level of know-how to maximize the use of his or her equipment.  

Not only do we offer progressive learning opportunities online and at our eight Technology Centers across North America, we use ongoing regional events to help our customers stay on top of the latest metalworking trends, technologies and strategies.