The Mazak SMOOTH CHALLENGE pits one machine tool CNC against another to show you exactly how we’ve taken the incredible innovation and speed of our existing MAZATROL Matrix 2 CNC technology to whole new levels with our latest generation MAZATROL SmoothX CNC.

We ran the exact same 5-axis aluminum impeller part, simultaneously, on two Mazak full 5-axis Vertical Machining Centers — a VC-400A/5X with MAZATROL MATRIX 2 control and a VC-500A/5X with the MAZATROL SmoothX. Other than the difference in controls, the machines ran the same part program and cut at the same parameters (12,000 rpm, 260 imp feedrate).

After the dust settled, the machine with the MAZATROL SmoothX control cut its part almost 20% faster.

See how much faster you could be cutting parts with Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY.

Two machines. Same part and program. Very different results.