Cryogenics Technology

Integrated liquid nitrogen cryogenics technology prevents the detrimental white layers typically generated when machining complex aerospace parts from tough materials such as titanium, nickel, Invar and other exotics.

Cryogenics significantly increase cutting tool life in addition to eliminating white layers from part surfaces. Mazak’s cryogenics freeze cutting tools from the inside out and keeps their cutting tips/edges in a frozen state while workpiece materials remain in an ambient one. In doing so, absolutely zero heat or thermal affects transfer into workpieces so that they maintain their base material integrity. The system also facilitates faster machining speeds and feeds, helps prevent burrs and contributes to the reduction of overall cost per part because processes to remove white layers become unnecessary.

Aerospace manufacturers stand to save millions of dollars with the elimination of the processes, intense labor and capital equipment currently involved with the removal of white layers from parts after they have been machined.

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