Mazak COVID-19 Survival Kit for Manufacturers

Mazak is committed to helping our customers navigate these uncertain times by offering creative tools and resources for shop owners, managers and team members. This Manufacturing Survival Kit contains resources for important things to consider including business implications, ways to use downtime productively to prepare for demand when it returns (and it will return) and even ways to keep our families happy and healthy. Resources will be added and updated regularly, so please check back often.

In addition to providing our Manufacturing Survival Kit, Mazak has partnered with local manufacturers and other community organizations to support healthcare professionals and essential workers. Learn more about the work we've done with one company here and the impact our partnership has had on Northern Kentucky hospitals here. Contact us if you would like to discuss how we can work together to make an impact in your community.



For Shop Managers & Their Teams

During these trying times, you need to keep your team productive, but you also have to keep them safe and healthy. Get the tools and information you need here.

Customer Support During the Crisis

Due to the critical industries we serve, Mazak is considered an Essential Business. Our eight North American Technology Centers are open and fully operational with associates ready to assist you. With locations across North America, many of which are in driving distance to key manufacturing locations, our network of Technology Centers offer a wide range of services and resources. Additionally, our distributors, which also offer field service and training, are open and able to help you with equipment needs.
  • Our North American Parts Center is fully stocked and fully operational, shipping 97% of all parts same day. Factory-direct parts specialists are available to answer your questions. Visit us on the web or call 888-4MAZAK1 (888-462-9251).
  • Now is a good time to stock up on parts you know you’ll need when business demands ramp up, and they will ramp up.
  • Our service technicians are manning the phones to help you troubleshoot issues, as well as respond to your needs quickly and efficiently in the field. You can count on a guaranteed response to any technical question within 1 hour via our 24/7 phone support system. Visit our website to learn more.
  • Now is a great time to do preventive maintenance. All Mazak machine manuals contain suggested preventive maintenance steps for that particular model as well as recommended service intervals.
  • Now is also a great time to make the machine repairs you may have been putting off. Our service team is ready and available to help.
  • Mazak is offering a variety of online training courses so that you can continue to build the skills of your team and be ready to tackle new opportunities when productivity demands surge. Through our Pyramid of Learning approach, Mazak offers a wide range of training and education opportunities, many of which are online now.
  • Tips & Tricks Videos - Visit our Smooth Café on MazakTV for real-world tips videos

Information from OSHA on COVID-19

Digital Solutions to Optimize Your Shop

  • The ability to see machine status from your home office provides managers with peace of mind that their factory or shop is still producing.
  • Maintenance departments can monitor alarms and sensors for abnormalities and prioritize their daily plan, tackling the most important issues first while maintaining social distancing.
  • Electronic notifications (emails, texts) allow supervisors and workers to know when they have equipment waiting, thus increasing productivity while having fewer workers on site.
  • Reduce downtime by tracking it and finding out what's causing it. Understand the issues that personnel on the floor are having and make targeted improvements without being face to face with them.
  • Monitor cutting tools on the machines remotely so new tools can be prepared and made available to the floor without interaction with the operators.
  • Learn more about MTConnect, the standard (ANSI/MTC1.4-2018), which offers a semantic vocabulary for manufacturing equipment to provide structured, contextualized data with no proprietary format.
  • Register for Online Training (Beginning April 8, 2020 – Contact your sales representative for details)

Use This Time to Prepare Your Shop For The Future

Now is a great time to plan for the future. Begin thinking about how you can incorporate new technology into your shop to increase productivity and drive down costs.


For Everyone

Now more than ever, it's important to find new and creative ways to manage stress, enjoy time together as a family and maintain schedules.

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Listen and Learn from The Experts

  • Mazak All Axes Podcast – Learn about the latest business and technology insights – and how you can apply them at your shop – from industry experts and manufacturing professionals in our exclusive podcast.
  • MazakTV – Watch hundreds of videos that feature topics ranging from application demonstrations to shop success stories, as well as examples of our machines under power and cutting parts in real time.
  • Mazak Blog – Read what's happening now at Mazak, discover tips for improving your part-production efficiency and experience how advanced Mazak technology is transforming manufacturing as we know it.
  • Customer Successes – Learn about how shops across North America have overcome challenges and achieved success with the help of Mazak's state-of-the-art technology.
  • Mazak White Papers – Take an in-depth look at the most critical topics in our industry, from how shops are handling the skills gap to the importance of flexible Multi-Tasking technology in today's fast-paced manufacturing sector.
  • Webinars – Invest in your team's knowledge base and improve your ability to meet your customers' needs with our library of webinars on such topics as SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY software solutions, workflow optimization and HYBRID machining techniques.

Keep your family safe and happy