Procede: Turning


The SLANT TURN 600M is a powerful, high torque, heavy-duty, big-bore turning center for large part turning applications, such as oil field pipe /casings, pipeline control valves, turbine, components and aircraft engine parts.

It offers maximum machining lengths up to 160", and depending on chuck size, maximum machining diameters to 36", for long, large-diameter parts. The spindle bore is 14.7" diameter and can handle large diameter pipe and other components that required front and rear chucking. The machine also offers powerful rotary tool capability for secondary drilling and milling operations on centerline.


  • High torque, high horsepower geared headstocks for heavy-duty cutting
  • Spindle C-axis positioning for slotting cuts and precision drilled holes
  • Various front and rear chuck options available
  • 14.7" diameter spindle bore
  • 12-position non-lift turrets for rapid tool indexing
  • Powerful rotary tool turret for secondary mill/drill operations
  • NC servo-driven tailstocks
  • Mazak MX Hybrid Roller Guide System

Caractéristiques de la machine

Spécification Bed Longueur - 2000U in Bed Longueur - 3000U in Bed Longueur - 4000U in
Capacité Balançoire maximum 40.94 in / 1040 mm40.94 in / 1040 mm40.94 in / 1040 mm
Diamètre d'usinage maximum 35.830 in / 910 mm35.830 in / 910 mm35.830 in / 910 mm
Usinage Longueur maximale 80.470 in / 2044 mm125.160 in / 3179 mm160.160 in / 4068 mm
Broche principale Chuck Taille 21 in21 in21 in
Vitesse de pointe 500 rpm 500 rpm 500 rpm
Tourelle (Haute) Nombre d'outils 12 12 12
Nourrir axes Voyage (axe X) 18.31 in / 465 mm18.31 in / 465 mm18.31 in / 465 mm
Voyage (axe Z) 85.24 in / 2165 mm129.92 in / 3300 mm164.96 in / 4190 mm