Mazak SMOOTH Link


Perfect for both large and small shops, Mazak SMOOTH Link makes it possible to sync your machine with a mobile device to monitor and manage its status at any time from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Designed to sync with MAZATROL Smooth CNCs, this digital tool captures real-time information from the control and securely transfers the information to a mobile device via Wi-Fi.


  • You can use your mobile device as a Smooth CNC sub monitor
  • Access to real-time monitoring, cutting tool and program data from a mobile device with Wi-Fi access
  • Admin and general permission levels that grant full or limited user access to certain functions
  • Tooling and program rewrite capabilities from a remote location for those with full user access
  • Browser selection by supporting Internet Explorer®, FireFox®, Google Chrome®, Microsoft Edge® and Safari®


Navigate to this application screen of Mazak SMOOTH Link and get instant information on the operational status of a machine as well as that of the workpiece in production. This screen — as well as others in the Mazak SMOOTH Link — also allows users to view machine in-cycle/alarm signals.


With one touch, Mazak SMOOTH Link displays all the tool layouts and data such as lengths, diameters and offsets for a machine as well as the tool types for each of the machine’s assigned tool changer pocket numbers/positions. And users who have tool data writing authority can rewrite tool data remotely from this application screen.


This application screen shows all of the EIA programs saved to your machine’s CNC as well as how much storage space is available. If a user has the authority to write a program, this is where he or she could edit a program remotely with Mazak SMOOTH Link.


Mazak SMOOTH Link is a non-Cloud based application that you can install into either your machine’s Smooth control or a Windows PC. Once installed, Mazak SMOOTH Link runs independently of mobile device operating systems (OS) and automatically adjusts its screens to any display size.

The Mazak SMOOTH Link is extremely affordable because it does not require Internet access, a server PC or server license. To monitor multiple machines, simply install Mazak SMOOTH Link server software on your machine’s Smooth control or on your PC, then connect the other machines wirelessly.