Machine of the Month



The QT-PRIMOS 100 allows shops to cost effectively score big productivity advantages from a small, 2-axis turning center that requires only 55" x 49" of floor space.

With high-speed, high-accuracy and high-torque among its performance qualities, the machine brings unsurpassed production value to parts manufacturers in a variety of industry segments.

In addition to its production benefits, this light-duty machine is also great for training future machinists at vocational high schools and technical colleges.


  • Integral spindle/motor design eliminates belt-driven machining vibrations
  • High-speed spindle acceleration/deceleration rates boost efficiency
  • Spindle offers high-torque at low speeds for processing hard materials
  • Servomotor-driven drum turret with high-speed, non-lift turret indexing
  • Low-friction linear guides provide high-speed X- and Z-axis positioning 
  • User-friendly CNC offers conversational and EIA/ISO programming
  • CNC compensates for temperature changes in machining area
  • Ergonomic design provides easy operation and maintenance
  • Rigid, box-shaped bed design ensures highly stable operations
  • Manual tailstock enables processing of shaft-type workpieces

Caractéristiques de la machine

Spécification Bed Longueur -
Capacité Balançoire maximum 17.48 in / 444 mm
Diamètre d'usinage maximum 7.090 in / 180 mm
Capacité Bar de travail maximale 1.4 in / 36 mm
Usinage Longueur maximale 7.830 in / 199 mm
Broche principale Chuck Taille 6 in / 152 mm
Vitesse de pointe 5000 rpm
Tourelle (Haute) Nombre d'outils 8
Nourrir axes Voyage (axe X) 4.25 in / 108 mm
Voyage (axe Z) 9.38 in / 238 mm