Machine of the Month



Perfect for industries requiring heavy metal removal, the MEGATURN SMART 500 turning center brings powerful performance and high productivity to large-part production. In fact, we designed this turning center to provide the fastest spindle speed (3,000 rpm) and rapid traverse rates (1,181 IPM) in its class.

The MEGATURN SMART 500 employs a high-torque integral spindle/motor and high-rigidity drum turret to easily tackle workpieces with maximum machining diameters of 19.69 inches and heights of 18.19 inches, depending on chuck specifications. The standard chuck size for this machine is 12 inches, with 15- and 18-inch options available.


  • High-torque integral spindle/motor for heavy-duty machining
  • High-rigidity 12-position drum turret for rapid tool indexing
  • Separate tool magazine storage for boring bars
  • Optional automatic tool changer increases machine flexibility
  • Linear roller guides provide high rigidity and positioning accuracy
  • Efficient chip disposal prevents heat from affecting the machine bed
  • Convenient workpiece loading/unloading and machine setup
  • Available in mirrored left/right configurations for convenient part transfers

Especificaciones de la máquina

Especificación Bed Longitud -
Capacidad Oscilación máxima 27.56 in / 700 mm
Diámetro máximo de mecanizado 19.690 in / 500 mm
Máxima longitud mecanizado 18.190 in / 462 mm
Husillo principal Tamaño de la tirada 12 in
Velocidad máxima 3000 rpm
Torreta (superior) Número de Herramientas 12
Alimente Hachas Viajes (eje X) 13.50 in / 345 mm
Viajes (eje Z) 20.38 in / 520 mm