Machine of the Month



The space-saving VERTICAL CENTER UNIVERSAL (VCU) 500 vertical machining center with a 3-axis table brings advanced technology and production value to accurate small parts processing for a variety of industries.

Also highly versatile, the VCU 500 is available in three different types - A, B and C - characterized by X-axis stroke. Type A has an X-axis of 19.88", Type B an X-axis of 31.69" and Type C an X-axis of 39.37".

The Type A version of the VCU 500 easily pairs with a twin-pallet changer to increase spindle utilization and allow users to benefit from continuous uninterrupted production.


  • Small footprint and easy installation
  • 3-axis table makes for quick, simple setups
  • Perfect for basic workpiece geometries
  • Available in three X-axis stroke sizes for high versatility
  • Rigid, powerful spindle comes in various maximum speed options
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guide System offers rigidity, speed and accuracy
  • 20-tool and 30-tool magazines feature automatic tool changers
  • Simple and efficient chip management helps reduce downtime
  • SMART CNC Control provides easy programming and fast job setup
  • Type A machine pairs with twin-pallet changer for continuous production
  • Accommodates articulated robots to automate load/unload operations

Especificaciones de la máquina

Especificación Values
Capacidad Tabla lateral derecho / izquierdo 39.400 in / 1000 mm
Tabla longitudinal 19.700 in / 500 mm
Eje Cono del husillo 40
Velocidad máxima 12000 rpm
Salida de motor (30 Calificación minutos) 20.0 hp / 15 kw
Revista Número de Herramientas 20
Alimente Hachas Viajes (eje X) 39.37 in / 1000 mm
Viajes (eje Y) 19.88 in / 505 mm
Viajes (eje Z) 20.07 in / 510 mm