With metalworking professionals from all over North America in attendance, DISCOVER 2015 proved to be this year’s top productivity destination. Not only did the six-day technology and education event showcase the latest metalworking equipment for improved productivity, it also explored how connectivity between smart machines, software and the Internet creates an explosion of data that will drive factories of the future.

In terms of new technology, we demonstrated highly optimized part production for every industry segment using over 30 of our latest machine tools. These demonstrations included: the debut of our new MAZATROL SmoothG CNC along with several new programming functions, increased adoption of our SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform, alternative machining techniques and unprecedented Kentucky innovation via the VCN 705D, VTC-805G and QTZ 250.  

Tours of our new Mazak iSMART Factory™ showcased how we are leading the way in digital resource productivity via free-flow data sharing and plant-wide connectivity. Attendees saw first-hand how our factory uses MTConnect and process support software to monitor then harvest data from all the different machines, cells and devices on the production floor.

What our customers say about DISCOVER

"The biggest thing I took away was the versatility of the Mazak line of equipment, what each type of equipment was most efficient at. Seeing all these machines in person and running vs in a catalog made for a better understanding of the product lines."

"It was great to see our future machines being put together! The new stuff is just awesome!"

"I learned some very exciting new ways to machine."

"How easy it can be to get started in the Industrial Internet of Things."

"I saw some very innovative machines that would help us cut the number of setups required to get finished parts."

"SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY is awesome. Also the method used for capturing real world data in your assembly plant was very inspiring."

"Mazak is state of the art when it comes to CNC Machinery. From the additive machining to the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY control; very impressive."

"The quality of the people/employees and the product are second to none."

"I learned that the machines can provide lots of data in order to avoid surprises or rise of costs."

"DISCOVER 2015 gave me an opportunity to see several machines that my company is interested in first hand. I walked away with great ideas."

As part of the factory tours, attendees got to witness the debut of the Mazak SmartBox and experience its benefits in a real-world setting. Ideal for large production environments, this revolutionary data collection, analysis and security platform creates a secure, digitally connected production environment where data sets become actionable intelligence for improved productivity and increased responsiveness to market changes.  

Over 60 technology presentations rounded out the event by sharing valuable manufacturing insight on topics such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), adaptive gear machining, cutting strategies for high-temperature alloys and more.   

If you were a DISCOVER 2015 attendee, we appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to come experience the latest in metalworking technology and learn what the future holds for advanced manufacturing. We hope you went back to work feeling inspired by all of the latest tools and techniques for improved productivity and profitability. If you didn’t attend, we’re sorry to have missed you—just be sure to remember DISCOVER in 2017, as it truly is an event no one in metalworking can afford to miss.