Closed-loop Gear Machining

Co-authored By:

Mike Finn
National Applications Manager, Mazak Corporation

Dr. Michael Fish
Co-Director, Dontyne Systems

Cutting gears to strict quality standards is a challenge in itself. Then, when you consider the rising demand to make them faster without charging customers more, it’s hard to think of gear production as a viable business opportunity for anyone who doesn’t specialize in these complex components.

Recent technology advancements, however, have made it possible for job shops to easily and profitably produce tight-tolerance gears in small and medium volumes.

Modern multi-tasking machines with full 5-axis capabilities can cut any desired gear tooth profile with high precision, regardless of complexity, while advancements in gear software make it easy to measure and validate the accuracy of these profiles post machining.

Combine these elements with metrology equipment as part of a closed-loop system and you have the means to productively generate complex and specialty gear forms that offer better overall performance in the field.

In fact, we’ve developed a ground-breaking closed-loop process in conjunction with Dontyne Systems that proves any job shop with the right technology can either take on gear work or bring their existing gear production back in-house.

Read our closed-loop gear machining white paper to learn how this pioneering process might benefit you.