Proceso: Vertical


The SVC-2000L/120 Traveling Column Vertical Machining Center delivers high-speed and efficient machining of extremely long workpieces. Linear motors provide super-fast X-axis rapid traverse speeds to reduce non-cut times. The machine is especially well suited for long aerospace parts.


  • Long bed accommodates extremely long workpieces
  • Fast high-accuracy positioning and cutting rates
  • Efficient, ergonomic design allows for operator convenience
  • Advanced CNC technology offers easy programming and optimized performance

Especificaciones de la máquina

Especificación Values
Capacidad Tabla lateral derecho / izquierdo 20.080 in / 510 mm
Tabla longitudinal 133.860 in / 3400 mm
Eje Cono del husillo 40
Velocidad máxima 15000 rpm
Salida de motor (15 Calificación minutos) 30.0 hp / 22 kw
Revista Número de Herramientas 30
Alimente Hachas Viajes (eje X) 120.00 in / 3048 mm
Viajes (eje Y) 20.08 in / 510 mm
Viajes (eje Z) 20.08 in / 510 mm