Proceso: Multi-Tasking


The INTEGREX i-800V/8 Multi-Tasking machine combines full 5-axis milling, powerful turning operations and pallet-changing capabilities to productively process large, highly complex parts such as jet engine components and spiral bevel ring gears.

Because the machine is able to perform milling, turning, boring and drilling operations in single setups, manufacturers can reduce the inaccuracies that occur when moving heavy parts across multiple workstations as well as eliminate work-in-process inventory.

Standard, high-speed and high-torque milling spindle specifications allow the machine to successfully meet a range of material requirements such as titanium, aluminum and steel.

The machine comes with a two-pallet changer that provides unattended operations and off-cycle part setup. This simple, efficient form of automation allows operators to load, unload and inspect parts on one pallet while the machine works on the other undisturbed.


  • Wide range of available milling spindles address a variety of metalworking requirements
  • Tilting B-axis allows for full 5-axis machining
  • Compact milling spindle reduces workpiece interference
  • Powerful turning spindle delivers heavy-duty performance
  • Automatic tool changer offers continuous machining operations
  • Two-pallet changer facilitates unattended machining
  • Integrates with optional PALLETECH system for lights-out operations

Especificaciones de la máquina

Especificación Bed Longitud -
Capacidad Diámetro máximo de mecanizado 59.060 in / 1500 mm
Máxima longitud mecanizado 59.060 in / 1500 mm
De giro del cabezal Tamaño de la tirada 39 in / 1000 mm
Velocidad máxima 500 rpm
Husillo de fresado B-Axis Travel 150°
Capacidad del cargador 43
Velocidad máxima 10000 rpm
Salida de motor (40ED Clasificación) 50 hp / 37 kw
Alimente Hachas Viajes (eje X) 66.93 in / 1700 mm
Viajes (eje Y) 59.06 in / 1500 mm
Viajes (eje Z) 45.28 in / 1150 mm