Proceso: Turning


The HQR-250MY Multi-Tasking turning center features a highly productive twin-turret and tailstock configuration for unequaled part processing opportunities and high-volume throughput. It machines complex parts complete – from raw material to finished part – in a single setup.


  • Twin-turret with tailstock configuration for DONE IN ONE® processing
  • Upper and lower turrets with Y-axis for off-center machining
  • High-speed, high-torque spindle
  • High-speed rapid traverse rate for reduced non-cutting time
  • Simultaneous turning and milling operation for optimum throughput
  • Both turrets can accommodate rotary tools at any tool position
  • Easily integrates with an optional bar feeder or robot loader/unloader

Especificaciones de la máquina

Especificación Bed Longitud - 700U mm
Capacidad Oscilación máxima 14.60 in / 370 mm
Diámetro máximo de mecanizado 13.500 in / 344 mm
Máxima longitud mecanizado 33.900 in / 860 mm
Husillo principal Velocidad máxima 4000 rpm
Salida de motor (30 Calificación minutos) 35.0 hp / 26 kw
Torreta (superior) Número de Herramientas 12
Velocidad máxima 6000 rpm
Salida de motor (10 Calificación minutos) 7.5 hp / 5 kw
Alimente Hachas Viajes (eje X) 8.20 in / 207 mm
Viajes (eje Y) 4.00 in / 100 mm
Viajes (eje Z) 29.87 in / 760 mm