Automation for Job Shops

Job Shop Automation:
Fast, Simple and Agile


The right type of automation delivers substantial benefits for job shops. The capability to increase spindle utilization and boost output of both people and machines is the most obvious, but improved part accuracy and consistency, reductions in human error and the potential for lights out production - all of which positively affect a shop's bottom line - should not be overlooked.

Automation options run the gamut - from simple to complex and pre-engineered to custom. Because job shops frequently produce parts in smaller and more varied job lot sizes than do larger manufacturers, these often-smaller shops face different challenges, the main one being higher amounts of job changeovers. With this factor in mind, automation best suited for job shop needs will not only emphasize fast and easy setups that reduce job changeover times, but also be adaptable for use from one type of machine to the next.

Download our Job Shop Automation: Fast, Simple and Agile white paper to learn more about automating processes and how Mazak can help you boost your productivity with its automation solutions.