Mazak VCN 705D Sports New Tool Magazine, CNC Technology

Made in Kentucky, the 50-taper VCN 705D vertical machining center with SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY sets a new precedent in large part production, whether it involves heavy-duty roughing or high-speed finishing. The machine features an all-new, highly accessible tool magazine and optimized CNC programming for improved operator use.

Through the company’s latest SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY process-performance platform, the VCN 705D offers unmatched speed, functionality and ease of use during production. Key elements of the platform are optimized CNC programming, new hardware, the latest in high-speed servo systems and improved ergonomics. 

The machine’s 50-taper, 6,000-rpm spindle with 207 ft-lbs of torque is perfect for industry segments that require heavy-duty cutting operations such as automotive, construction and energy. The machine has a table size of 68.5" x 27.5" and axis travels of 60.2" in X, 27.5" in Y and 25.6" in Z.

Developed using customer input, the machine’s ATC magazine has a new carousel design that improves operator accessibility and offers increased tool storage capacity over previous VCN designs. The horizontally configured L-shape carousel puts tool pockets well within an operator’s reach for the fast, easy loading of big 50-taper tooling. Maximum tool storage capacity is now 60 tools as opposed to 40.

The VCN 705D features the new MAZATROL SmoothG CNC that makes it easy to generate programs for off-centerline machining as well as angled drilling, milling and tapping operations. Several innovative programming, performance and monitoring functions bring optimum speed and accuracy to complex part production. Advanced hardware including a tilting CNC panel and intuitive, multi-touch control screen allows for complete ease of use, while an SD card stores up to 32GB of program data.

For continuous part processing, the VCN 705D easily pairs with an optional two-pallet changer. This simple, efficient form of automation enhances productivity by allowing operators to load, unload and inspect parts on one pallet, while the other pallet is in use inside the machine.

Manufacturers that require increased thermal stability during heavy metal removal operations can use the Mazak SUPERFLOW® high-pressure coolant system in conjunction with the VCN 705D. When paired with a Cyclone Filtration System, SUPERFLOW benefits from fast, highly efficient coolant filtration for an overall boost in metalworking performance. 

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