Mazak INTEGREX i-400AM Optimizes Additive, Subtractive Technologies

The Mazak INTEGREX i-400AM HYBRID Multi-Tasking machine applies additive and subtractive technologies in the most optimized way possible. It offers turning, milling, drilling, metal deposition and laser marking in a single setup. Together, these operations provide several unique advantages such as significantly reduced part cycle times and the ability to process highly complex workpiece geometries that we previously impossible.

Well suited for processing parts from difficult-to-machine metals in small lots, the INTEGREX i-400AM makes it possible to quickly and easily grow part features instead of losing valuable time and wasting expensive materials by subtracting large amounts of metal from a solid material.

The INTEGREX i-400AM features dual laser cladding heads, or additive manufacturing nozzles, that provide options for high rate and fine metal deposition. Essentially, these two cladding heads complement each other much like roughing and finishing tools work together in chip making. The cladding heads reside in the tool magazine with the machine’s automatic tool changer ready to load/unload them into/from the milling turret as needed. Furthermore, the machine is the only hybrid machine on the market able to automatically change its deposition heads.  

During operation, the INTEGREX i-400AM uses fiber laser heat to melt the chosen metal powder that will be used to the grow near-net-shape 3D forms. The cladding heads apply the molten material layer by layer, each of which solidifies as the desired part surface or features grows. Specific part examples include ribs, tubular extensions, fan blades and flanges. It is also possible to generate new part features in a material that is harder or lighter than the parent workpiece material.  

Furthermore, the laser cladding heads can be used to coat chosen sections of the part with metal, allowing the machine to repair worn or damaged high-value components such as turbine blades.

Once the part features are grown to near net shapes, the INTEGREX i-400AM then applies one or more of its advanced subtractive processes, including full 5-axis milling, turning, hobbing and contouring, to process the part complete. The machine features a B-axis movement of -30/+210 degrees in its milling spindle, full C-axis contouring with its turning spindle and a fully programmable second spindle for DONE IN ONE® production.

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