The Best of Both Programming Worlds Optimize Metalcutting

Truly effective controls allow for programming everything from simple to complex part geometries either in the front office or on the shop floor at the machine tool. These advanced controls offer the best of both worlds – G-code (EIA/ISO) programming as well as conversational type part programming. Mazak’s MAZATROL Smooth CNCs are just that type of advanced machine control.

In addition to G-code (EIA/ISO) programming, Mazak’s Smooth controls include MAZATROL conversational programming capabilities that make it possible for less experienced operators to develop machining programs quickly and easily while out on the shop floor. A wizard-like programming mode that completely bypasses the need for conventional G-coding skills, Mazak's MAZATROL works by allowing operators to answer conversationally displayed questions concerning the intended workpiece.

These “conversations” with the CNC cover the type of material as well as the workpiece’s OD/ID dimensions and part lengths, among numerous other factors. Then, according to the input data, the MAZATROL control automatically calculates intersection coordinates and tool index positioning in addition to optimized cutting conditions and machining processes.

As the operator answers these questions, the control constructs the program, then allows the machinist/programmer to graphically check the tool path and verify the program. In the event of program flaws or missing information, the control will display an alert, and the programmer must remedy the problem.

Mazak’s MAZATROL G-codes are the same as those used in conventional EIA/ISO CNC machines. This similarity lets Mazak machine users run programs made for other brands of machine tools with minimal editing beyond confirming axis strokes and cutting conditions. The Mazak controls also include several advanced functions that speed and simplify programming as well as ensure error-free and optimized cutting paths for shorter machining cycle times. Other beneficial functions include full simulation along with support features for tool and part offsets in addition to that for standard code.

For fully optimized machining, manufacturers also have access to a suite of advanced functions that combine the best of MAZATROL and G-codes. These include:

Tool data integration – To ensure the use of correct H or D codes, users simply call up a G43 or G41/G42 command and the MAZATROL Smooth CNC applies the correct values based on known tools. This works the same whether shops use simple pocket numbers or Tool Group Numbers – either way, the machine automatically has all the information for the particular tool loaded in the spindle. Each tool has a complete page of stored information associated with it that the control, in turn, monitors and uses automatically. 

Adjustable Ultra Precision – SMC, Geometry Comp, Ultra High-Speed, SCC and more easily optimize roughing cycles for faster cuts. Then with a simple M or G-code call, they make smooth and accurate finish cuts.

Quick EIA – This feature allows users to open a graphic of the program toolpath and simply touch the line that needs editing. The control then quickly jumps to that part of the program. 

Quick MAZATROL – Import 3D CAD data with this function for fast and easy programming. The control then updates, in real time, the displayed 3D model as the user inputs program data. 

Full Machine Simulation – Both conversational and G-code supported, this full machine simulation includes that of table and cover movements as well as all the components of the specific machine at hand. Users can describe their workpiece or upload a parasolid model, then watch full material removal – even in full five-axis machining mode. 

Microsoft® Windows® Integration – Windows file handling, networking and multiple process capabilities ensure control efficiency, intuitiveness and security. 

Part Offset Support – Control virtually all variations of offsetting – G54, G54.1Px, G92, G54.2Px, G54.4Px and more. Users can adjust offsets on the fly with G10 or direct macro variable setting to eliminate workpiece setup error and fixture error. 

TOOL Offset Support – Allows control to accommodate a wide variety of tool offsets, including tool radius G43, G41/G42, G41.2, G41.4, G41.5 and so on, along with five-axis side offsetting and tool length G43, G44, G43.1, G43.4, G43.5 and more.

Spare Tool Setup – Allows users to give two or more tools the same group number and indicate how long each should run and/or how many parts they should cut. 

“Standard” Code Support – MAZATROL supports virtually every standard G-code found on any FANUC-compatible machine to eliminate any need for edits to adapt code posted for another type of control. If changes are needed, the task involves only a few M and T-codes. 

Easy G10 Data Change – While many machines use G10 to alter offset and macro data, MAZATROL Smooth controls can change many of the parameters in the machine on the fly. This allows shops to accommodate various cutting strategies or different machines in a cell. 

Flexible Macro Variables – As needed, users can easily manipulate many parameters – defined as A-system variables within the MAZATROL Smooth control – to optimize processes for the shop’s individual machining environment

To learn more about Mazak’s state-of-the-art programming tools and machine tool controls, visit the SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY page.

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