Let's Race - Our CNC vs Yours

Take the SMOOTH CHALLENGE to Run Parts Faster

SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY has revolutionized the way our machine tools perform. Spanning the entire part production landscape — from programming and metal removal to automation and data collection — this all-encompassing platform seamlessly brings unmatched speed, accuracy, functionality and ergonomics to virtually every type of metalworking application. That’s why we created the Mazak SMOOTH CHALLENGE.

Our SMOOTH CHALLENGE proves that two machines, side-by-side, same part, same program, can bring very different results. We put one machine tool CNC against another. Why? To show how we’ve taken the incredible innovation and speed of our existing CNC technology to whole new levels.  

See exactly how much faster Mazak’s latest generation MAZATROL SmoothX CNC is over its predecessor the MAZATROL Matrix 2 CNC and thus how much faster you could be cutting your parts with Mazak’s Smooth control technology.

For the challenge, we ran the exact same 5-axis aluminum impeller part, simultaneously, on two Mazak full 5-axis Vertical Machining Centers – a VCU 400A/5X with Matrix 2 control and VC-500A/5X with the SmoothX. Other than the difference in controls, the machines ran the same part program and cut at the same parameters (12,000 rpm, 260 imp feedrate).

After the dust settled, the machine with the MAZATROL SmoothX control cut its part almost 20% faster. 

SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY will reduce your current cycle times by up to 30%. Don't believe us? Watch the SMOOTH CHALLENGE and we'll prove how SMOOTH makes you more productive.  

This is one race you don’t want to miss!

Want to set up your own SMOOTH CHALLENGE?  Contact your local Mazak representative and we’ll see what we can do to rev up your business. 

About Mazak Corporation

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