Discover How CAM Software Simplifies Multi-Tasking Machining

By Derek Patrick, ESPRIT Application Engineer for DP Technology

DP Technology, a Mazak VIP partner, has a passion for excellence and innovation in the development of its CAM software as well as supporting its OEM partners. So much so that I am stationed at Mazak’s Kentucky headquarters to enhance the performance of the company's machine tools via DP Technology’s ESPRIT product, a full-spectrum programming system for milling, turning and multi-tasking solutions.

Together, Mazak and DP Technology have made CAM modifications that adapt to custom part geometries for a wide variety of industries. Plus, countless Mazak customers, particularly those with 5-axis and Multi-Tasking machines, benefit greatly from ESPRIT as it allows them to optimize post processing and programming for an overall increase in productivity.

However, as an ESPRIT application engineer, I’ve come in contact with several manufacturers who under utilize their machine tools because they simply are not aware of the equipment’s full potential.

For example, I’ve found several Mazak HYPER QUADREX owners who are not taking full advantage of these twin-turret machines. They apply the upper turret to head one and lower turret to head two and just program their parts sequentially as opposed to using the machine’s simultaneous machining capabilities to its furthest extent.

Therefore, we, both as Mazak and DP Technology, are committed to reaching out to customers to make sure they have the resources they need to enhance the knowledge of their equipment. And part of this initiative includes hosting a free 30-minute webinar titled Process Planning for Improved Multi-Tasking Machining on Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. ET.

During this webinar, I will provide an overview of how process planning via full-spectrum CAM software can take the complexity out of Multi-Tasking machining and, in turn, produce parts easier and more efficiently than ever before.

I will discuss the importance of knowing a machine tool’s capabilities and limitations and how they correlate to effective part processing. There will also be discussion on the two-turret HYPER QUADREX machines and how ESPRIT software enables users to perform simultaneous machining operations on the same spindle. This is accomplished by the Soft Syncing Add-in, which gives the end user the ability to insert synchronization codes directly on the tool path elements or rapid points. I’ll illustrate multiple examples utilizing this functionality.

Furthermore, I will showcase part samples and walk attendees through different scenarios to determine whether or not the focus should be on machining with one spindle simultaneously or breaking out individual machining processes. Through animation, attendees will experience an entire programming process step-by-step.

By the end of the webinar, attendees will be able to discern which part-production process will save them the most time and money on their Multi-Tasking machines. I realize, however, that 30 minutes is not enough time to arm Mazak customers with everything they need to know about ESPRIT software in relation to their equipment. Therefore, everyone is invited to come see me in Kentucky where I can offer in-depth CAM discussions and perform real-world demonstrations.

Register for the Process Planning for Improved Multi-Tasking Machining webinar today.

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