Process: Multi-Tasking


The QUICK TURN NEXUS (QTN) 500 MY Multi-Tasking turning center with a large spindle bore packs the speed, power and precision that’s required for the heavy-duty machining of long, large workpieces, especially those produced for the energy and heavy equipment industries.

As an “MY” configuration, the machine features a turret with live tooling and a Y-axis to perform off-centerline, milling, drilling and specialty threading operations in addition to its advanced turning capabilities. This Multi-Tasking functionality allows users to productively process parts in single setups, also known as DONE IN ONE® processing.

Additionally, the QTN 500 MY pairs with an optional, highly unique tailstock design that combines a standard tailstock with a long boring bar (LBB) to achieve deep-hole boring depths of 46".  


  • Advanced gear-driven spindle headstock offers high-torque power for heavy metal/alloy cutting operations
  • Spindle through-bore sizes up to 7.2” for machining versatility
  • Spindle offers C-axis contouring in 0.0001-degree increments, providing the best positioning accuracy in its class
  • 12-position turret with live tooling for Multi-Tasking functionality
  • Rigid, double-slide Y-axis construction withstands high cutting forces
  • MX Hybrid Roller Guide System delivers durability and reliability
  • Optional automatic tool eye system detects tool wear and damage
  • Advanced CNC technology offers easy programming and fast job setup
  • Optional long boring bar/tailstock combination offers deep-hole boring capability
  • Pairs with a variety of chip conveyor system configurations for effective chip management

Machine Specifications

Specification Bed Length - 120 in / 3000 mm Bed Length - 160 in / 4000 mm
Capacity Maximum Swing 46.33 in / 1177 mm46.33 in / 1177 mm
Maximum Machining Diameter 35.700 in / 910 mm35.700 in / 910 mm
Maximum Machining Length 120.875 in / 3068 mm164.657 in / 4190 mm
Main Spindle Chuck Size 21 in21 in
Maximum Speed 1500 rpm 1500 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 80.0 hp / 60 kw80.0 hp / 60 kw
Turret (Upper) Number of Tools 12 12
Milling Spindle Maximum Speed 4000 rpm 4000 rpm
Motor Output (30 minute rating) 10.0 hp10.0 hp
Feed Axes Travel (X Axis) 22.75 in / 575 mm22.75 in / 575 mm
Travel (Z Axis) 120.88 in / 3068 mm164.68 in / 4190 mm