Closed-Loop Gear Machining

Mazak, Dontyne Systems, Renishaw and Advanced Industrial Measurement Systems (AIMS) collaboratively developed a flexible gear machining solution that combines the Multi-Tasking capabilities of Mazak’s precision 5-axis CNC Multi-Tasking machine tools, Dontyne Systems’ gear production software solutions and Renishaw’s and AIMS’ inspection equipment. The process is suitable for manufacturing spur and helical, bevel or spline gears using either standard tooling, such as end mills, or custom tooling, such as gear hobs.

Closed-Loop Gear Machining enables customers to use Mazak’s Multi-Tasking CNC machine tools to accurately cut gears that have been designed using Dontyne’s software. The software functions include powerfully integrated graphics and industry standard engineering reports that enable a gear manufacturer to simulate how gear sets make contact for different industry applications.

The validated closed-loop process adjusts the finish part program to account for any manufacturing errors. A single machine tool cuts many gear types and sizes as well as produces a variety of non-gear parts. Closed-Loop Gear Machining offers a significant savings of investment and increase of flexibility over dedicated gear-making solutions that are only capable of producing gears of one size.

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Read our closed-loop gear machining white paper to learn how this pioneering process might benefit you.