VORTEX e-1250V/8S

Procede: 5-Axis


Mazak’s ergonomic VORTEX e-1250V/8S 5-axis Simultaneous Vertical Machining Center sports a rigid, thermally symmetrical column that provides extreme stability and prevents heat distortion. With long axis travels, this machine is a highly precise system for processing large, complex parts that require heavy metal removal. The VORTEX e-1250V/8S efficiently processes a wide range of parts for the active aerospace market.


  • Rigid, thermally symmetrical column
  • Robust, fast spindle and C-axis direct-drive motor generate speed, power and accuracy
  • Vertical rack-style tool magazine with generous standard capacity
  • Easily accessible work envelope heightens efficiency in job setups

Caractéristiques de la machine

Spécification Values
Capacité Diamètre maximum de la pièce 59.060 in / 1500 mm
Pièce Hauteur maximale 65.160 in / 1655 mm
Broche Taper broche No.50
Vitesse de pointe 10000 rpm
Magazine Nombre d'outils 42
Rotary Axes Spindle Tilt (B axis) 150 degrees
Table Indexing (C axis) 360.0000 degrees
Nourrir axes Voyage (axe X) 73.82 in / 1875 mm
Voyage (axe Y) 49.21 in / 1250 mm
Voyage (axe Z) 52.95 in / 1345 mm