Mazak Will Demonstrate New Innovations on HCN-4000 at IMTS 2016

FLORENCE, Ky., July 22, 2016 – As the industry leader in machine tool technology, Mazak will showcase its popular HCN-4000 Horizontal Machining Center with enhanced Multi-Tasking and automation at IMTS in booth S-8300. With new high-precision honing and orbital machining capabilities, the machine now provides Multi-Tasking, DONE IN ONE® processing that is especially beneficial for producing pump and valve-type components. And for those manufacturers ready to ramp up production with advanced automation, the HCN-4000 easily incorporates into Mazak’s PALLETECH System now controlled with the company’s new Smooth PMC software.

At IMTS, the HCN-4000 – within a PALLETECH System featuring SMOOTH PMC software – will be machining a variety of real world components, including a pump housing part. The machine will not only mill, bore and hone the housing, but will use advanced orbital machining techniques as well.

As a highly flexible system, Mazak’s PALLETECH configures into one, two or three levels for completely automated and continuous production cells. PALLETECH cells also accommodate different types of Mazak machine tools, which allows shops to mix and match machine types, such as horizontal machining centers together with vertical machining centers, for processing versatility.

Mazak’s new SMOOTH PMC cell control software efficiently manages and maximizes PALLETECH System operations. The software allows users to look ahead with production simulations to forecast needed tools, machine loads and output levels for up to a week’s worth of scheduled cell workflow. SMOOTH PMC also allows for advanced PALLETECH cell connectivity, analytics and performance data outputs in graphical formats via a smart phone.

The HCN-4000’s highly capable SmoothG CNC with Smooth Orbiturn function makes both the honing process and the orbital machining possible. Enhanced with Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY, orbital machining techniques enable horizontal machining centers to turn round and eccentric features on large, odd-shaped parts such as valves and manifolds while the components remain stationary. Because the process uses standard tooling, it is a productive, cost-effective and easy-to-apply solution for performing milling and turning operations in single setups – further increasing the HCN-4000’s multi-process ability.

The machine at IMTS will feature a 40-taper, 12,000-rpm spindle and 1G acceleration in all axes. Mazak also offers the HCN-4000 with a 14,000-rpm, 18,000-rpm or 30,000-rpm spindle. With a direct-drive rotary table design, the HCN-4000 has less moving parts, which significantly boosts positioning accuracy as well as speeds indexing time to help shorten overall part cycle times.

Mazak worked with honing system leader Sunnen Products Co. to develop the special hone tooling needed for the horizontal machining center integration.

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