With our simple but innovative QTU-250MS, shops never have to choose between Mazak quality and affordability when it comes to precision small parts production. This machine brings shops of all sizes advanced technology, unmatched productivity advantages and cost-effectiveness.


Made in Kentucky, this versatile, small-footprint CNC Turning Center with Multi-Tasking capabilities brings maximum efficiency, reliability and value to those processing medical devices from aluminum, engine parts from cast iron, electronic enclosures from steel and much more. It features a main turning spindle, second spindle for DONE IN ONE® part processing and tool turret with rotary milling spindle.


  • Spindle/motor design eliminates the need for belts and pulleys
  • Main turning spindle delivers heavy-duty metal removal
  • Integral-motor turret provides smooth, high-speed, high-accuracy digital indexing and expandability
  • Rotary tool spindle performs milling, drilling and tapping operations
  • Second turning spindle automatically transfers parts from one chuck to another for a secondary operation
  • Rigid, low center of gravity bed design ensures stable performance
  • Fully programmable NC servo-driven tailstock introduces process automation
  • One-piece Z-axis way cover simplifies chip disposal
  • Available with productive, flexible GR100 gantry loader system

Especificaciones de la máquina

Especificación Bed Longitud - 19.685 in / 500 mm
Capacidad Oscilación máxima 27.40 in / 695 mm
Diámetro máximo de mecanizado 13.500 in / 340 mm
Capacidad máxima de trabajo bar 2.0 in / 51 mm
Máxima longitud mecanizado 22.685 in / 575 mm
Husillo principal Tamaño de la tirada 10 in / 254 mm
Velocidad máxima 4500 rpm
Salida de motor (1 Calificación minutos) 20.0 hp / 15 kw
Segundo Cabezal Tamaño de la tirada 6 in / 152 mm
Velocidad máxima 6000 rpm
Salida de motor (1 Calificación minutos) 10.0 hp / 8 kw
Torreta (superior) Número de Herramientas 12
Velocidad máxima 4500 rpm
Salida de motor (1 Calificación minutos) 7.4 hp / 6 kw
Alimente Hachas Viajes (eje X) 8.50 in / 215 mm
Viajes (eje Z) 23.75 in / 605 mm
Viajes (W Eje) 23.00 in / 585 mm