INTEGREX Means Multi-Tasking

News: INTEGREX Means Multi-Tasking

The name INTEGREX is synonymous with Multi-Tasking, and Mazak offers the widest model selection and machine bed lengths for handling small to large parts and jobs ranging from simple to complex. When the pressure is on and you have to redefine your part processing, only an INTEGREX will set your shop apart from the competition, boost your team’s output and increase your profitability.

Model categories and features:


  • High-torque, high-hp milling spindles for harder metals for medical work
  • High-speed 20,000-rpm milling spindles for general applications
  • Y axis off-centerline travel
  • Built-in automation with second spindle/lower turret models
  • Added automation with bar feeder and work unloader or gantry robot
  • Space saving footprint
  • DONE IN ONE® complete part processing with fewer machines, tooling and fixturing
  • 4'' bore diameter allows for generating a range of parts from one barstock size
  • MAZATROL SmoothAi CNC software features for programming complex, feature rich parts

Mazak INTEGREX i-H Series

INTEGREX i-500/500S/500ST

  • 50-taper milling spindle for high metal removal on large, heavy parts
  • Fast and accurate integral spindles on main and second spindles
  • Spindle synchronization between main and second or at an arbitrary point   
  • DONE IN ONE large-part processing with tailstock and second spindle (S) versions
  • Maximum workpiece length of 3 meters
  • Available large drill stocker and bigger spindle bores

Mazak INTEGREX i Series


  • Machining centers with turning ability
  • 50-taper milling spindles
  • Bed lengths to 8 meters
  • Multiple programmable steady rests for supporting varying work piece lengths
  • Boring bar stockers
  • DONE IN ONE single operation machining of large cylinders and landing gear components
  • Optional larger size spindle bores

Mazak INTEGREX e-H Series



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