Customer Support Overview

Our Customer Support program represents our company-wide commitment to providing the best, most comprehensive customer service in the industry. In fact, the program combines many of the standard-setting programs that we have developed over years of working as a strategic partner to manufacturers.

To ensure you are able to maximize the value of your Mazak purchase, gain the best possible competitive advantage as well as keep your Mazak equipment running smoothly at all times, Customer Support encompasses:

Five Pillars of Customer Support

  • Single-Source Support
  • Technical Support for the Machine & CNC Control
  • Parts Support
  • Progressive Learning
  • Spindle & Unit Rebuild

Single-Source Support

Every manufacturer knows the vital role ease of use plays in maintaining a high level of productivity. While most think of this issue in terms of machines and equipment, we believe it holds just as true when it comes to service and support. That's why Mazak adopts a single-source approach to our customer support programs.

For all service issues, whether it’s training on a MAZATROL SmoothX control or time for routine maintenance on a large PALLETECH installation, Mazak provides customers with one point of contact. Our single-source program offers a wide variety of services, including:

  • Laser calibration (ISO, ANSI and JIS standards)
  • Ball bar qualification and analysis
  • Preventive maintenance plans and programs
  • Vibration analysis and benchmarking

We guarantee a phone response to any technical question within an hour through our 24-hour technical support system, and under normal circumstances, a Mazak service engineer can be on-site and solving your problem within 24 hours. Additionally, a Mazak service engineer will respond to your location within 24 hours under normal circumstances. This is made possible through our network of over 300 Mazak factory-trained direct service representatives and certified distributor personnel. By providing a single-source service system, Mazak ensures a quick and efficient response to any question you might have.

Technical Support

Technical Support for the Machine & CNC Control

At Mazak, we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our machines. That’s why we stand behind them with a comprehensive parts and labor warranty. For every machine we sell, all components are covered by this highly competitive warranty, which includes a 2-year parts warranty on our CNC control components, training for operators and much more.

In addition to the standard guarantee behind our machines, Mazak also makes additional warranty coverage available on request. Every Mazak machine also comes with no-charge technical phone support and software upgrades for the entire life of the machine. To make warranty service as simple as possible, we offer diagnostic software support that allows us to provide instantaneous remote diagnostic services via remote real-time systems. As with everything we do, productivity and efficiency take precedence with our warranty services.

Parts Support

The increasing efficiency of production systems makes downtime more impactful than ever before. Any interruption to work flowing through the shop can have a significant impact on operations. Mazak's substantial and continuous investment in spare parts fulfillment ensures the fastest possible reaction to the unexpected to keep your facility running smoothly.

Within our spare parts department, Mazak maintains $90 million in parts and unit inventory, including $65 million in parts inventory and $25 million in unit inventory (including ATC shifters, tables, and spindles). This enormous investment includes over 60,000 unique parts encompassing every aspect of our machines. And because of this investment, we achieve 97% same-day shipping and even have the ability to offer after-hours shipping.

Furthermore, we guarantee lifetime parts support on every Mazak machine. This means that our quick response to parts requests not only applies to machines purchased over the past several years, but also to those that have been providing reliable performance for several decades.


Maximum Ordering Convenience

For maximum convenience to all manufacturers, Mazak accepts parts orders via phone, email and our website. Our extended-hour call center operates six days per week, making it extremely easy to reach an experienced parts specialist.

With PartsWeb, our online parts ordering system, users can easily search for parts by number or description, access information on pricing and availability, print receipts and documentation, check the status of their order or track shipments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For the convenience of our customers, PartsWeb accepts credit card payments for all web-based orders and transactions.

  • 24-hour access to parts information online
  • Part number searches
  • Part prices and availability
  • Online ordering, status and tracking
  • Print order acknowledgement
  • After hours emergency part shipping service registration

Progressive Learning

Whether focusing on profitability, productivity or competitive positioning, knowledge is power. Even with the latest user-friendly machine technologies, success correlates directly with the expertise of the programmers and operators working with the equipment. That’s why Mazak has constantly made substantial investments in developing and refining our Progressing Learning program.

Mazak Progressive Learning represents an approach to education and training that combines hands-on training, web-based instruction and real-world examples to empower customers with the skills needed to get the most out of their investment. Our program offers tiers of offerings that range from self-paced coursework to highly advanced Multi-Tasking User Groups. This ensures an appropriate entry point for any individual, regardless of their current level of skill and expertise.

Every Mazak machine includes three years of programming training at no charge to our customers. Additionally, customers can receive training at a variety of locations. In addition to classes available on a routine basis at our Learning Center and Center for Multi-Tasking and Manufacturing Excellence in Florence, Kentucky, each of our Regional Technology Centers also integrates our Progressive Learning approach and provides a host of training alternatives. If you need a more customized approach, Mazak also offers on-site training programs that bring Progressive Learning directly to your facility. By offering such a range of options, we ensure that every customer can arm their engineers and operators with the knowledge they need to optimize their production processes.


In a fast-paced manufacturing environment, quick access to technical information can mean the difference between pausing production for ten minutes or losing precious hours of machine operation. To make accessing this data as convenient as possible, Mazak provides customers with comprehensive digital manuals for Kentucky-manufactured machines that can be viewed directly from a machine’s control. Users can quickly and easily find the information they need via an intuitive, user-friendly interface, whether they’re standing in front of the machine, sitting at their computer or traveling with a laptop.

Spindle & Unit Rebuild

So much of part production revolves around your machine’s spindle performance. When spindles are up and running, you are cutting parts and making money. Mazak’s spindle unit rebuild and repair program leverages 30 years of spindle build expertise toward helping you make the most of every minute in your production cycle. And we’re so confident in our spindles’ performance that we offer the industry’s best spindle warranty.

Mazak Spindle Services by the Numbers:

  • Stock to support more than 600 different spindle variations
  • 95% of new and refurbished spindle requests ship same day
  • Repairs/rebuilds occur within 3-5 days
  • Every spindle includes 12 hours of test stand runoff and vibration analysis benchmarking
  • 1-year or 4,000-hour warranty on rebuilt spindles with Mazak certified installation
  • $90 million in parts and unit inventory ($65 million in parts inventory, and $25 million in unit inventory, including ATC shifters, tables, and spindles) totaling 60,000 different part numbers in stock at Mazak's North American Headquarters in Florence, Kentucky  
  • $390 million in dedicated after-market inventory available globally
  • Spindle repairs processed in a clean room environment and overseen by quality control teams with ISO 9001:2008 certification

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